Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First day back

Today was my first day back at school. Honestly, I was totally not ready to go back...I felt like my break was just not long enough. However, once I got back, everybody was so fun and I was reminded of all the reasons I enjoy law school: the discussions, learning so much, and always being kept on my toes. So now I feel much better and feel ready to start the new semester.

This semester I am in Criminal Law, Property, Civil Procedure, Writing, and Contracts. I thought that Crim Law would be pretty crazy, but we are actually having some pretty philosophical discussions in that class, plus we are reading Oedpius Rex, which I actually studied in undergrad!

It seems that everything is more permanent now. Everybody who is there will probably graduate, because they got through the first semester. The competition is not so crazy, since we all know where we stand. So far it is a lot more relaxed. I better go get reading!


Kathy said...

Did some students drop out after the first semester?

kisa said...

I'm glad your second semester is off to a great start. I hope you enjoy it as much as the first!