Saturday, January 05, 2008


We are back from the ski trip that we took this week with David's family. We had a wonderful time skiing and being with his family. I really love to ski a lot, which I think is a relief for David. This year I did pretty well--I definitely fell a lot less often and felt a little more confident, but my forays with the black diamond slopes were not good.

Last year I think that I successfully went down one of the black diamond slopes at this place, but this year I just had a lot of trouble. The first time I tried, I slid down the slope on my stomach, which was not good. The second time I tried it, I only slid down on my stomach for half the run. I think that one of my main problems is worrying that other people will think that I look like a doofus. For instance, the second time I attempted the slope, we were just beginning to head down and David's brother yelled, "Hey! There are our cousins on the lift!" So then I though, "oh no...David's cousins are watching me so I can't look like a doofus...." and I got nervous and promptly look goofy while sliding down instead of skiing. Hopefully next year I can get over this, although I think that I probably provided much comic relief for anyone who saw my falling down this slope. As I fell, I could not find snow or anything on which to grab, so my hands tried to dig into the icy powder in an attempt to slow myself down. Whenever I imagine myself, I laugh!

We also raced a lot at night when it got dark, and I was pretty excited when I came in third and second place on two of the races. Okay---maybe the second place finish was attributed to David and his brother fighting just before the lift in an attempt to slow each other down---and another of David's brothers falling just before the finish---and my other brother-in-law just being nice (I think)---but I am still calling it a fair victory. We had to do these things called spin-o-ramas, in which we spun around on our skis during the race, completing a 360-degree turn. Everybody else was able to complete these while still moving forward (generally), but I had to make a wide turn and actually stop to finish mine. At one point, David's poor brother actually crashed into me during my wide turn.

Overall, the ski trip was a lot of fun and David and I hope to go again sometime this winter. I am hoping to get my own set of ski gear soon so that I can consider myself a serious skier.


kisa said...

I'm glad you like the skiing so much. Maybe you will want to try snowboarding again in a couple of years!

Shawn said...

Sounds like you all had a great trip how neat that you all do family trips I think that is so cool!