Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am feeling slightly better today. I got my hair done this afternoon, which is always fun. There is just something about having my hair straightened by somebody else that makes it so worthwhile. I love it.

Tonight David and I are baby-sitting, which is usually pretty fun. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ho Hum

Today I was home sick. If anybody is good at being sick, it is me. I am especially good at the "playing the invalid" part and "having a meek little voice" part. But seriously, I did not feel well. This morning I slept and then drug myself to school for two classes, and this afternoon I slept again.

I recently uploaded more pictures from my camera to my computer and didn't post any because, really, how many pictures of my cat do you want, but decided to go ahead and post some anyway because my pets are so darn cute.

Here we were attempting to get a cute Valentine's Day picture of our pets:
Note the absence of a cat and a dog: oh wait, that is them, a la blur, moving out of the picture.

Here we at least have the dog, although the cat is clawing him:
I got so frustrated with Thorina that I wrapped her in my childhood blankie to make her not attack people and other mammals. So behold: the resulting Valentine's Day picture:
Don't worry: I'm not actually going to send that to family and friends.

Just to prove to you that my cat is good sometimes, here is an incredibly cute picture of her:

Thorina and Pax snuggled with me in bed today when I was sick. How sweet is that?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh, bother

After bragging about how I was not sick yesterday, today I feel a twinge of a cold coming on, as my throat is stuffy and my nose is runny. It probably does not help that I am surrounded by people coughing at school. For now I will continue to overdo the Vitamin C and sleep well and hope that I don't get fully sick.

It is snowing pretty hard here, which makes me glad that we have no plans for the evening and are staying inside!

Monday, January 28, 2008


So I still have not convinced David to get a Wii. I think he is imagining this: we buy it and then play with it for, uh, three days, and then get tired of buying the games for it, and then it is wasted. I don't know how to convince him otherwise, because in the back of my mind, I kind of agree. But they are still awesome.

Incidentally, David is home sick today with a cold. I feel sorry for him because he seems so miserable. I went to the store today and got him Tylenol Cold, Vitamin C, and Vicks rub, so hopefully the Vitamins will help his immune system enough to help him. And guess who is not sick after living in the house all weekend with the sickly fellow? That's right: me! I guess we know who has the better immune system. :)

This weekend David had to run a few errands and came home with fluorescent light bulbs. Now, I understand the greatness that supposedly comes from having these bulbs, including the incredible amount of time they go before burning out and the incredible amount of money you save with these things, but our house now has a light blue glow about it in the evenings. It looks like a spaceship, and even David agrees that we should maybe move them to a less-used location and then get others of a different color.

Today I am making Swiss Steak in the Crock-Pot. Seriously, my Crock-Pot was such a great buy for me: I use it all the time. It smells so tasty right now that I just want to go and eat the meat, but that would not be a good idea as it is still raw, so alas, I must wait.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Our friend Matt is visiting us for the weekend and last night we went over to a friend's house and played a Wii. Now, before last night, I thought that Wiis were probably pretty boring and that I would never want one, but OH MY GOSH it was so much fun!!

I played boxing, bowling, and Dancing with the Stars. One good thing about playing a Wii is that you get somewhat of a workout while doing it---Dancing with the Stars left me a little tired after finishing a few of the professional rounds.

So, now I want to get a Wii, of course. Too bad they are going for a very expensive rate---does anybody want to give me theirs?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crazy busy

Sorry that I haven't updated lately on this thing...I have been super busy with classes so far. Since Tuesday, I have had twelve classes. It doesn't sound too bad until you consider that the preparation for each class takes about two basically it has been a pretty busy week. Today I feel just comatose...I am sure that all of us are joys to our professors.

This past weekend we went out with some of my high school friends, on Saturday we went to the MU/KU game (which was sooooo disheartening for us Mizzou fans!), Sunday was a relaxing day, and on Monday I went to see 27 Dresses (the movie) with some girlfriends.

I am pretty excited for this weekend because tonight we are going to dinner with a group of friends to celebrate another friend's birthday, and tomorrow our friend Matt is coming to visit for the entire weekend!

I better go attempt to get a head start on my homework for next week. Sigggghhhhhh.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Coffee v. Tea

I gave up coffee around the New Year just because I was in the habit of drinking 4-5 cups of joe a day. I spoke with a friend who insisted that drinking Green Tea is much healthier than drinking coffee incessantly, so I decided to make the switch. I must say that as of now, I am pretty addicted to Green Tea.

My friend said that since Green Tea is chock full of antioxidants, at least I am getting some nutritional value along with some of the caffeine intake to which I am addicted. As a result, I decided to swear off coffee except for the fun, mixed drinks that seemed so yummy and good, like lattes, mochas, and iced coffees. Those would be reserved for treats.

This plan has worked for two entire weeks: I have not had one cup of just plain coffee. The tea just seems so much better for now. After drinking the tea, my body feels so good and satisfied. And today, I decided to treat myself to a fun iced coffee from Starbucks as a reward for my good work. But there was one problem: it was not good to me anymore. After I finished, my stomach hurt and I did not feel well. I went back and got green tea to soothe my tummy. What is wrong with me?

Could it be that my body is starting to not like coffee? After years of drinking the goodness, could I be finished with it? I certainly realize that cravings go in stages: a month or a year from now I may be back on my coffee kicks, but for now the tea is making me happy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First day back

Today was my first day back at school. Honestly, I was totally not ready to go back...I felt like my break was just not long enough. However, once I got back, everybody was so fun and I was reminded of all the reasons I enjoy law school: the discussions, learning so much, and always being kept on my toes. So now I feel much better and feel ready to start the new semester.

This semester I am in Criminal Law, Property, Civil Procedure, Writing, and Contracts. I thought that Crim Law would be pretty crazy, but we are actually having some pretty philosophical discussions in that class, plus we are reading Oedpius Rex, which I actually studied in undergrad!

It seems that everything is more permanent now. Everybody who is there will probably graduate, because they got through the first semester. The competition is not so crazy, since we all know where we stand. So far it is a lot more relaxed. I better go get reading!

Monday, January 14, 2008


I have been annoyed with David this weekend because I have to get a new passport. The United States requires me to get a new passport since I changed my name. (What? They actually want people to have their correct name on official documents?) This makes me sad because I have to send in my old passport and thus all of my cool old study abroad stamps from different countries will be lost. GROWL! I was so proud of all my stamps, especially my Ireland one that was awesome and in green ink. How else will I remember that I have officially been to the Netherlands? (I never stepped foot outside the airport, but I have a stamp!)

So basically this is David's fault since he is the reason I changed my name. I am sending in a note with my old passport asking them to send it back, but I am sure that the people who work in the passport agency will just laugh at this letter and will probably post it as some doofy customer's request. Sigh.

Tonight I was (ahem) expressing my displeasure with this process (again) and David looked at me so mournfully with his lip out and said, "You are sad that you had to change your name?"

Sometimes I wish that my husband did not have such big, innocent looking blue eyes and was not so easily forgivable. He gets away with so much.

What a great break!!

I had an awesome break from law school. Sadly, I go back on Wednesday (not really sadly, because I enjoy it, but I definitely do not enjoy the stress and craziness that comes along with the learning part), so I thought that I would share some pictures from my break. (finally!)

During one of my first few nights home, we went to a Mizzou game, which was a lot of fun. My dad got us some box seats, which were pretty cool (as you can see, the students had left by that time).
Then, David and I destroyed our living room to paint, and in this picture you can see the final product on one of the walls:
I really love it---the rich brown color looks amazing. We painted our other walls a yellowish/goldish color to match the red (of the kitchen) and the brown.

We also got to attend the Mizzou/Illinois game, which, as I said before, was a sad disappointment for us Mizzou fans (but oh well, we are ranked #4 in football! Whoo-hoo!). The Illinois fans taunted us for not making it into a BCS bowl, but I am at least glad that we did not have to deal with Nebraska fans (just kidding---I'm just saying that because I think I have a few Nebraska fans who read my blog)!

More later!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A moment of peace

Peace is pretty rare around Thornia, but when she settles down and relaxed for a while, I think she looks gorgeous.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Heartbreak when he is scared

When it thunderstorms, I feel so sad when this little guy starts to tremble in my arms:

Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Nice Surprise

Recently, Sarah gave me this cute little package: a mystery package!

I looked at the card after recognizing the cute wrapping, and saw that it was from Shawn, another blogger whose blog I read. How cute is this wrapping? The little card pulled out of the bag through the slit. Happily, I opened the package to find this cute little snowman!
I read when Shawn made these little snowmen and really wanted one, and she knew that Sarah and I were sisters-in-law and sent it with Sarah to give to me! Isn't it adorable?
Here is the snowman sitting on our bookshelf so that everybody can see him when they come through the door. Thanks, Shawn (and for everybody else, you should wander over to her blog and take a peek)!

Saturday, January 05, 2008


We are back from the ski trip that we took this week with David's family. We had a wonderful time skiing and being with his family. I really love to ski a lot, which I think is a relief for David. This year I did pretty well--I definitely fell a lot less often and felt a little more confident, but my forays with the black diamond slopes were not good.

Last year I think that I successfully went down one of the black diamond slopes at this place, but this year I just had a lot of trouble. The first time I tried, I slid down the slope on my stomach, which was not good. The second time I tried it, I only slid down on my stomach for half the run. I think that one of my main problems is worrying that other people will think that I look like a doofus. For instance, the second time I attempted the slope, we were just beginning to head down and David's brother yelled, "Hey! There are our cousins on the lift!" So then I though, "oh no...David's cousins are watching me so I can't look like a doofus...." and I got nervous and promptly look goofy while sliding down instead of skiing. Hopefully next year I can get over this, although I think that I probably provided much comic relief for anyone who saw my falling down this slope. As I fell, I could not find snow or anything on which to grab, so my hands tried to dig into the icy powder in an attempt to slow myself down. Whenever I imagine myself, I laugh!

We also raced a lot at night when it got dark, and I was pretty excited when I came in third and second place on two of the races. Okay---maybe the second place finish was attributed to David and his brother fighting just before the lift in an attempt to slow each other down---and another of David's brothers falling just before the finish---and my other brother-in-law just being nice (I think)---but I am still calling it a fair victory. We had to do these things called spin-o-ramas, in which we spun around on our skis during the race, completing a 360-degree turn. Everybody else was able to complete these while still moving forward (generally), but I had to make a wide turn and actually stop to finish mine. At one point, David's poor brother actually crashed into me during my wide turn.

Overall, the ski trip was a lot of fun and David and I hope to go again sometime this winter. I am hoping to get my own set of ski gear soon so that I can consider myself a serious skier.