Monday, December 31, 2007

Six Months

Dear David,

Yesterday was our six-month wedding anniversary. I forgot to get you a card or a present, so instead I thought that I would write you this letter. We have never had an anniversary--the day that we began dating is pretty unclear and honestly, I don't remember what day we got engaged, either. I'm not good with dates, and so you have gotten out of getting me lots of anniversary presents. Aren't I every guy's dream wife?

The past six months have been so different than before. Before we got married, I thought that our relationship would be pretty much the same, except that we would be living in our new house and maybe have a pet or two. I was wrong...being married really puts a new spin on things. Suddenly, we have responsibilities. I can't see you almost all day like I could in college, when we would meet in between classes and in the evenings to do homework. Now, you have to work at your job and I only see you in the evenings. That is a huge change.

Furthermore, I am now in serious school, or law school. Law school has consumed much of my time over the past four months, but you have been so understanding. I am sure that it was a big change for you to see me write papers the weekend before they were due in college and then, only a few months later, freak out a month before my big paper was due in law school because I did not have enough finished. But this is all okay because you are one of the most patient people I know. Patience is not a quality that I generally possess, so it is a good thing that you have a lot of it.

One of my favorite things to watch you do is fulfill a role of an only in-law. You came from a family with four kids, and you were a middle child. Because of this, you have never been an only child, and while you enjoyed your childhood and growing up, you never got to enjoy how it feels to be the only one. Until now.

Now you are the only in-law on both sides in my generation for both families, and I think you have been enjoying much attention. From my parents calling just to see what you are doing on a Saturday morning to having lots of attention at my family Christmas to suddenly having many new cousins to laugh with, you have fit so nicely into both my immediate and extended families, and I love watching you interact with everybody.

I can't wait to be married to you for many, many years to come. I am so excited for more fun times with our little family. Everybody says that the first year is the hardest year in a marriage, and if so, I am in for a pretty happy life. Thank you for putting up with my antics with my skitty (including listening to her perform a concert on our new piano), for washing the floors when I studied for exams, and for being so supportive of me and my career goals. Really, I could not even dream of a better partner than you.



kisa said...

What a wonderful anniversary gift! I love you as well, my fair maiden.

Shawn said...

That is so sweet!!!! Corey and I will be celebrating our 13 yr of marriage this year! Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Abbie, that was so sweet! Maybe you will inspire people to write love letters as the perfect anniversary gift!