Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Today was the end of my three daunting finals: now I only have one more not-so-daunting test left to complete. I will say one thing: the last two weeks have been crazy. Everybody said that the final weeks would be bad in law school, and I believed them, but it is hard to describe to someone who has not experienced them. You go from studying insanely for your test to taking a break and then realizing that you only have 1.5 days to study for your next exam--with the added pressure that your entire grade rests on your performance in a three-hour final.

I feel like I have kept a pretty relaxed attitude compared to my classmates. It is funny because in order to get in to law school, you kind of have to be a little bit of a perfectionist and a little anal, and so the result is a bunch of anal people running around worrying about exams. It is really hard for me to realize that after Thursday I will no longer have to study (until January). I have no clue what I will do with my free time---work a little and perhaps paint a bit of the house?

Despite being busy with school, I have found time to have my mouth inspected by a little kitty, as you can see. Also, I have an update about Paco. When he came to our house, he seemed kind of shy and meek (I think mostly because he was moved to a new house and he used to live with another doggie who, from what I understand, is not shy at all). On top of his move, he also had to adjust to an insane kitty: Thorina. She pretty much began ruling over him and he seemed scared in her presence.

Lately, he has begun to develop a bit of confidence. Now, when Thorina begins to consider his tail her own personal play toy, he begins chasing her. All around the house. Even under the bed. He even growls at her and barks at her. It is so cute because you can tell he is happy because his little tail is wagging furiously and you can also tell that the cat is happy. While they definitely do not cuddle yet, I think they are becoming better friends and I am happy that he is starting to assert himself in her presence.

Also--Paco is not allowed to jump on our bed but sleeps right next to it in his own little bed. Last night while sleeping, David felt a ball of fur next to him. He turned over and the ball snuggled closer to David's stomach. In his stupor, David thought that the cat had magically opened the door by herself and found her way into our bedroom and started snuggling with him. He was wrong: it was little Paco, asleep and snuggled up right next to David. David made him get down, but now I am wondering how many times Paco has snuck into our bed. David is a very deep sleeper and I doubt that he would have noticed him. I am so glad that we got Paco! He was such a perfect addition to our little family.

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Sarah said...

I am glad that Paco and Thorina are becoming friends.

I really like your header.