Sunday, December 09, 2007


Now we are even more iced in our house. It looks like it snowed outside---only the entire layer of whiteness is ice, not snow. I am so glad that we went to the grocery store yesterday!!!


Peter said...

The same thing happened here, and I almost took a spill or two on the way to my first final. I hope you didn't have a dangerous drive to your finals.

Anonymous said...

Abbie and David, It is very bad in Vandalia. We haven't had school now for two days and looks like it could go on. Wayne and I ventured out ot the movies last evening and we shouldn't have. We could barely stand up, plus the movie,Beowulf, wasn't my kinda of movie! Anyway, try to stay safe and be careful. Good luck on finals. I know you will get through them with flying colors!!! Love, Juanita

Anonymous said...

Well Richard and I had a together experience for awhile until it started raining. We picked up limbs that had fallen during the night. He continued even in the rain.
Finals wish you the very best with them know you will do great.
Bryan our grandson is graduating the 15th with Masters in Accounting. Now for the Job.
You take care on the ice.