Monday, December 17, 2007

Ice storm pictures

Today I am home all day long until this evening, when we are going to meet my dad and brother to attend a basketball game. I am loving my time at home--it is so much fun to just sit and relax and have nothing better to do except paint. I am going to start work on Wednesday at the law firm where I worked this summer. While I really enjoy my free time, I also would like to make some money over break, and honestly, I kind of get bored without seeing anybody all day long.

I wanted to post some pictures of the ice storm that we had a few weeks ago. Above is a picture of the adorable Pax.
These are two bushes that we planted this year and David's pumpkin from this Halloween. Sad, aren't they?
I painted our living room (or at least the bottom half...I am kind of scared of ladder-climbing so David does the top part). It is a really beautiful rich brown color. I will have to post pictures because the description really does not do it justice. I am about to go on a run. Yes, I am crazy for running in the snow but I hate it when I do not have any exercise all day long!

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Shawn said...

Thanks for leaving such nice comments on my blog :) So thankful the ice is almost gone here! Love the doggie pics they are so cute! We painted our bathroom a dark brown it is my fav room in the house :)