Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The end of finals last week brought a fun lunch and trip out last Thursday afternoon. Above is a picture of me and my friend Bob. It is funny: that is one of the only pictures that I have of that afternoon, so unfortunately I can't show you the entire group.

Then, on Friday, I went to my friend Jolene's graduation with my other friends Rachel and Beth. It was great seeing her graduate. She is going to be a nurse, so her school had its own special ceremony and everything, which was nice to see.
After that, we had friends over to our house. From the left: Colleen, Josh, me, David, and Julie...it was so much fun and great seeing Josh, who has transferred to Seattle. He assures me that he will be there for another year and thus I am really itching to go see him. Hopefully sometime soon!
We were going to go skiing on Friday night but I just read that the ski place is closed until the 26th. What? We got a ton of snow last weekend. Oh well.

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Sarah said...

I enjoy seeing all the pictures of Pax in your blog!