Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An evening conversation

Abbie: "I would really like to go SCUBA diving some day. It would be fun to swim with the fishes."

David: "Do you know for what the letters in 'SCUBA' stand?"

Abbie: "Of course! Um...sea...that's s-e-a, not the letter 'C.' Let's see...sea calibrated...under...ummm....diving. Ta-da!"

David: "Wait, what word are you spelling?"

By the way, do any of you clever readers out there know when "fishes" is ever the correct word to use, rather than a simple "fish"?


Anonymous said...

loaves and fishes? Mark 6:30-44

Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

Firepeople who have to go into burning houses call it SCBA since they usually don't put out fires underwater. I wonder what the Bikini Bottoms firefighters wear?


Anonymous said...

Last night this was funny: Tom wanted to send a picture of a Bikini Bottoms (where Spongebob lives) firefighter if there was such a thing. He typed "Bikini Bottoms firefighter" into a Google search, and what showed up was not what he had in mind!