Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Our Christmas break was wonderful. On Saturday we left for the city, where I met friends for a late lunch at Amighetti's. Yum: that is all I have to say about that. That place has such good food that I would like to borrow the cook for, oh, a lifetime and have him or her be my personal chef. David, that is what I would like for Christmas next year.

Then we met my family and went to the Missouri/Illinois basketball game. The game was so exciting and Mizzou only lost by one point. I was so mad because we made something like 35% of our shots. Seriously? I think that I could make 35% of my shots, and I used to pray for the coach to not put me in the game because I was so bad. But no worries about Mizzou: we won the cheerleading competition. Our bragging rights are restored.

The next day we went to mass and then ice skating, which was a blast. David's family also came, which was so much fun. Luckily I did not fall this year. After skating we went to Crown Candy Kitchen, a fun little restaurant in downtown St. Louis. Finally, after that big day, we went to David's grandma's house for her Christmas celebration.

On Christmas Eve we woke up and basically relaxed all day long. The rest of David's family came over for a dinner and then we quickly had to leave to go do Christmas at my house, which is always interesting because we get a tool every year for Christmas. Hmmmm....I just decided to host a contest to see who can guest the tool that I got this year. If you have a guess, comment below and I will reveal the tool in a future post. The prize: your honor and a congratulatory post on my blog. It seems lame, but it is pretty awesome. (I have a feeling that about 2 people are going to participate in this contest.)

Finally, on Christmas Day, we went to my grandma's house and stuffed ourselves silly. David looked like he was about to burst. I warned him that we eat a LOT there on Christmas Day, but apparently I am more used to it because I have had 22 years of experience in that department. Poor David was just not in shape for the taste explosions.


kisa said...

Did you get a power saw?

Josh said...

Wide angle configured hack saw. Yep.

Kathy said...

This isn't a fair contest--David was there and should know the correct answer! However, I am guessing a plunger.

Sarah said...

What about a sawzall?