Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas at our house in pictures

Do not be alarmed: this picture is not indicative of the entire evening. SOMEONE was simply attempting to get wayyyyy more than her share of treats (and don't worry; that grip does not hurt kitties...that is how their mommies hold them when they are little):
Here is a picture of us before we opened their stockings.
Paco was so excited about his Greenies (he has already received a doggie coat and a new brush):
And David was very excited about his new shirt:
When she was unsuccessful with stealing Paco's Greenies, she decided to break into her new bag of treats:
And then got into trouble...again:
David surprised me big time. I had picked out a pretty necklace from a website that I really wanted and just told him that I wanted it for Christmas. He ordered it, but it never came...and we were both worried that it would not come in time for Christmas. Yesterday, a note appeared under the tree. I was so sad because I did not think that it had been delivered in time and that I would not get it during our present-opening ceremony.

So I opened the note, which I figured said, "I love you...sorry about the necklace", and it said, "I am sorry that your present did not come in time...or did it? Look under the couch!" so I looked under the couch and there was a wrapped present! I was sooo excited! He had it delivered to a co-worker's home for a surprise to trick me!


Kathy said...

I am amazed you were able to purchase stockings labeled Thorina and Paco! Our poor pets don't realize other family's pets receive Christmas presents.
Davey, it warms my heart to see you still wearing Grandpa's Runner's Club shirt!

kisa said...

Thorina looks so furtive and menacing in her pic where she is trying to open her treat bag. I was glad to see your getting her into trouble, as well!

Shawn said...

I love that you include your animals too! Annie also has a stocking & santa fills it every year! Can't wait to see a pic of the necklace!