Friday, December 07, 2007

Another update from the guest blogger

Hello; this is David again. Lately, my reading of spectacular books as prevented my blogging as much as Abbie's devoted readers may like, but I have some interesting news about one of our family members.

Abbie may not have mentioned it very much, so I would like to point out that Thorina is often the most recalcitrant of cats. It is not unusual for her to hide under cars or couches or kitchen tables and refuse to be coaxed out, or lurk under beds and chew on any hand trying to grab her. She can be supercilious to the extreme, but we have discovered a way to make her crave our attention.

This is her leash, or her "security blanket," as Abbie calls it. Abbie still sleeps with her baby blankie and it comforts her, and we believe that Thorina has claimed this pink leash as her little blankie. As she is still only six months old, it is not unreasonable for her to have a baby blanket.

Ever since she discovered this leash, all we have to do is drag it across the floor for two seconds, and Thorina will leave any hiding place and pounce on the leash. She would chase this thing around the house if we would let her, even though she starts panting with exhaustion after about the fourth time she leaps the couch in pursuit.
And often, if we are not playing with the leash with her enough, then she will try to take matters into her own paws, and drag it around the house after us until we take notice. When she crouches at my feet with the leash clutched in her tiny jaws, purring hopefully, I know that she loves playing with me and that leash more than anything in the world. At least until she goes back to hiding under the futon.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad to have these tips to get Thorina to bond with me when I visit next weekend!