Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another project

Today we began painting the living room. I know...we are crazy. It took us so long to finish the kitchen and now we are starting an even bigger project. However, the dirty white walls kind of drive me crazy, so hopefully I will feel better after they are finished. Plus, we are painting them an off white/yellowish color so hopefully it won't take five coats of paint like the kitchen!

Also, there is a lot of snow dumping on us (again). I do not mind too much now since I don't really have to drive in it, but I feel sorry for David who has to go to work in the nastiness.

I finished my semester on Thursday, which was pretty amazing. We had a four-hour take-home final, which was just okay. By the end of finals week, I was so burnt out on studying. We will not learn our class rank for about a month, so I am trying to keep it off my mind for now. It feels so weird not studying--one of my friends said that he felt "uncomfortable" because he did not have to study, which is pretty much how I feel. Every weekend, I know that I have to read all day on Sunday in order to be prepared for my upcoming classes, and feel weird that I will not have to rush around and read tomorrow. I think that we are going Christmas shopping (if we can get out in the snow), so that is very exciting.

I have pictures to post from some Holiday parties soon....but I have yet to load them onto my computer.

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Anonymous said...

I am sad that bad weather prevented you and David from having the company of beloved relatives two weekends in a row!