Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This year for Thanksgiving will be different, because it will be the first time ever that I have spent time away from my family on a holiday. Honestly, it makes me kind of sad because I will hate being away from them on Thursday night when we used to make Chex Mix and fight over the portion sizes. (To solve that issue, we decided to use separate baggies for everybody to make the portions fair.) David and I decided to really split up the holidays and go to my grandma's house for lunch and then drive to be with his family by dinner time. We decided not to do an on-year, off-year deal because neither of us wanted to completely miss a holiday with our family. I could not imagine not even seeing my family on Thanksgiving or Christmas, and I don't think it is fair to ask David to do the same. Hopefully it will work out well. I just feel like I am cutting time short with my family, but that is the trade-off for our plan, I suppose. I have no clue what we will do when we have kids. Maybe I could lug my family with me in a suitcase.

I am very excited about Saturday, when we will be going into the city for an Urban Thanksgiving (as Bridget Jones would say), or a Thanksgiving with friends. My friend Julie decided to host us at her new home and we are having a pasta bar, which should be fun. I can't wait to see all of my friends again, and I am thinking that this would be a fun tradition--maybe we could even host it next year.

Oh and I forgot to mention that Thorina and Paco will be joining us for Thanksgiving at my house. They are excited about their vacation.

Finally, to all my readers: have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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Josh said...

Dang, I am missing out on the friend dinner.