Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hello, readers. You are in for a treat, because Abbie is studying away and I, David, have agreed to be her guest blogger. Don't worry, though, for she will be back as soon as her finals wrap up.

Since you have not heard much about us lately, I'll fill you in on how spectacular our Thanksgiving was. We started off the festivities with Abbie's family, and had a very relaxing visit. As usual, Abbie's family prepared taco salad for my visit. I say "as usual" here because, in case you didn't know, we ate taco salad for supper for probably four of my first six meals in their house, each of which was delicious, and now an ongoing joke among all of us that we will have taco salad for every meal when I visit.

On Thanksgiving day, we enjoyed a leisurely morning before enjoying a feast at Abbie's grandparents' house. This was my first Thanksgiving with Abbie's family, and I don't think that it could have gone more pleasantly.

Abbie and I zipped down then to Lake of the Ozarks for some thrilling matches of Rothermich Family Trivial Pursuit with my parents and younger brother. This was also a pleasant, relaxing time. Poor Abbie had to spend most of her free moments paging through flashcards in preparation for her law finals. I'm so glad to be finished with finals, although actuarial tests dishearteningly similar.

To be continued tomorrow...


Joel said...

Oh, guest blogger, that's exciting. You should start your blog back up, David. I need more things to read. Or maybe, you could make a blog for your cat, Thorina.

Abbie said...

Haha...making a blog for our cat would be beyond the scope of weirdness that we encompass.

mom said...

Davey, what a funny surprise to hear from you! I am happy Abbie's blog doesn't have to be discontinued while Abbie studies.