Sunday, November 04, 2007

Kansas City weekend

This weekend I went to visit one of my college buddies with my old roommates. We had so much fun! My friend's house was absoutely gorgeous and we had a wonderful time going around Kansas City together. On Friday night we rented a movie and went to eat barbeque, which was amazing. On Saturday we went shopping and ate at Buca di Beppo. It was very tasty:

Here is a picture of me with Leon, my friend's doggie. He was pretty friendly, although I think he made me miss Paco a little bit!

Anyway, it was wonderful to get out of town for a few days without bringing any work. We are hoping to get together sometime soon again. I am so happy that I got to visit them.

In other news, David's mom and sister were in town this weekend for a conference, and on the way home from KC I called David and asked him to devise a plan to intercept his niece for the day. He was successful and so we got to have Emma for a few hours. She determined that I like to spoil her and David does not after I allowed her to get two treats at the store. I hope that I do not spoil my own children too much.

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