Friday, November 30, 2007

It is over

My first semester of law school classes is officially over--that is, except for the finals. Even though the big tests are looming in front of me, I still feel a sense of relief. I survived the classes. Everybody always talks about how hard law school classes are, and it is very true. However, they are challenging in a way that makes me want to go back for more. When I was in undergrad, I had a teacher tell me that going to law school will make me feel like I can learn anything; and that when I graduate I will want to do things like teach myself how to play the piano. After being in school for only a semester, I feel like I can see why. Our teachers are constantly pushing us to go find answers by analyzing and researching, and so we teach ourselves every day.

Some people in my class really hate going to school and learning the material. They simply do not enjoy law school. Some of them think they will enjoy being a lawyer and thus stay in the class. Others do not seem very sure about their decision to attend. Luckily, I love it so far.

David is at the grocery store buying the ingredients to make cookie dough as a treat, and I am now starting my crazy two weeks of pure studying.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving in pictures

The day before Thanksgiving was very cold and rainy, but we made it down to my parents' house on Wednesday and then to David's family on Thursday:
We stayed in a cabin in the wilderness for fun:
Like this:
The walks were beautiful:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hello, readers. You are in for a treat, because Abbie is studying away and I, David, have agreed to be her guest blogger. Don't worry, though, for she will be back as soon as her finals wrap up.

Since you have not heard much about us lately, I'll fill you in on how spectacular our Thanksgiving was. We started off the festivities with Abbie's family, and had a very relaxing visit. As usual, Abbie's family prepared taco salad for my visit. I say "as usual" here because, in case you didn't know, we ate taco salad for supper for probably four of my first six meals in their house, each of which was delicious, and now an ongoing joke among all of us that we will have taco salad for every meal when I visit.

On Thanksgiving day, we enjoyed a leisurely morning before enjoying a feast at Abbie's grandparents' house. This was my first Thanksgiving with Abbie's family, and I don't think that it could have gone more pleasantly.

Abbie and I zipped down then to Lake of the Ozarks for some thrilling matches of Rothermich Family Trivial Pursuit with my parents and younger brother. This was also a pleasant, relaxing time. Poor Abbie had to spend most of her free moments paging through flashcards in preparation for her law finals. I'm so glad to be finished with finals, although actuarial tests dishearteningly similar.

To be continued tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This year for Thanksgiving will be different, because it will be the first time ever that I have spent time away from my family on a holiday. Honestly, it makes me kind of sad because I will hate being away from them on Thursday night when we used to make Chex Mix and fight over the portion sizes. (To solve that issue, we decided to use separate baggies for everybody to make the portions fair.) David and I decided to really split up the holidays and go to my grandma's house for lunch and then drive to be with his family by dinner time. We decided not to do an on-year, off-year deal because neither of us wanted to completely miss a holiday with our family. I could not imagine not even seeing my family on Thanksgiving or Christmas, and I don't think it is fair to ask David to do the same. Hopefully it will work out well. I just feel like I am cutting time short with my family, but that is the trade-off for our plan, I suppose. I have no clue what we will do when we have kids. Maybe I could lug my family with me in a suitcase.

I am very excited about Saturday, when we will be going into the city for an Urban Thanksgiving (as Bridget Jones would say), or a Thanksgiving with friends. My friend Julie decided to host us at her new home and we are having a pasta bar, which should be fun. I can't wait to see all of my friends again, and I am thinking that this would be a fun tradition--maybe we could even host it next year.

Oh and I forgot to mention that Thorina and Paco will be joining us for Thanksgiving at my house. They are excited about their vacation.

Finally, to all my readers: have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Must. Study.

It is so hard to study today, my first day off school. I did nothing but relax this weekend, and I know that I will be mad later when I have a bunch of tests and my outlines are not completed.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Our kitchen- completed!!!

We have finally completed our kitchen. I am so excited! Yesterday morning we did a marathon of work, drilling knobs and finishing some painting work. I am very happy with the finished product, and it feels like the curtains and other touches make it feel very homey.

So, without further ado, here is a picture of my inspiration for the project (bowls that one of my mom's cousins sent us from Turkey for the wedding):

Our tabletop and napkin rings:

Cooking instruments:

Our knobs that we bought for the project:

And the swag for our patio doors that we have no clue how to hang:

It feels great to have it finished. Now, during Christmas break, I am going to concentrate on the living room, our bathroom, and the study.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The kitchen

Our kitchen is almost finished. Yes, that kitchen that we started painting over Labor Day weekend. David worked on it during his long weekend this week, and it is looking really great after the five coats of paint that we have put on the walls. Yes, five. coats. It only took us from Labor Day to Veterans' Day, which is pretty fast for us, really.

So it is pretty red right now. He has a bit of touch-ups left to finish in certain places, but I do not think that they will take him very long to complete. Notice how I am conveniently in the midst of the busiest week of my law school career now. Ha.

After the paint is finished and the blue tape is finally peeled off, we bought some knobs to add to our cabinet doors. You would not believe how excited I am about these dang knobs. They are super cute and I can't wait to show them to you whenever they come. Apparently they made their way to the closest airport last night and should be here sometime tomorrow.

After that, we will probably hang the curtain and finally give you some pictures.

Our next project? Painting the living room and the rest of the bedrooms. After that is finished, we will refocus on the bathrooms because I think we need to replace the hideous mirrors and light fixtures before we sell this place again.

Owning a house is so much fun!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Lazy Day

I must say that I love lazy days like today; where my husband is home from work and I am locked in our study with one pet on my lap and the other under my chair, typing a paper.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A first

Well, folks, we have a first today in my married life: I did not cook one thing all day long today. No, we did not go out to eat for every single meal, and yes, we did actually eat: David cooked every meal.

I am really proud of him. This morning, we had guests over for breakfast and he cooked hash browns with vegetables mixed inside of them, cinnamon rolls, and eggs. Just now for supper, he made an amazing shrimp fried rice dish. YUM! The fried rice was do good that I am having another helping right now!

It is so nice having him cook because now I do not have to spend so much time in the kitchen when I could be studying, or updating my blog. I do have to admit that it is hard for me to let him go on his own, though. I find myself checking up on him in the kitchen periodically.

I better get back to writing my paper that is due on Friday. :(

Thursday, November 08, 2007


We have decided that our pets are very spoiled. I just uploaded some pictures from my camera to the computer and out of 69 pictures, only 5 were of solely humans. We are psycho.

So, since I have nothing else to post, here are some funny pictures. Look at this gem:

And Thorina being a great jumper:

And finally, Pax looking like he is terrified for his life.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

3 a.m.

We are all so tired today. My eye is really droopy for some reason and looks really weird. I think it is because of lack of sleep.

Last night we went to another orientation for our job on the side at which we never work because we are so busy. So anyway, they were talking about fire safety and a firefighter came to talk. He mentioned that families should change the batteries in the smoke alarms when we switch the time for Daylight Savings Time. At the orientation, I nudged David and said, "change our batteries when we get home, so we don't forget!" and he said, "Oh Abbie, the alarms will beep when they need new batteries."

So in the middle of the night, I start having this dream with a beep in it. This beep was incessant. I think that in the dream David and I were running from somewhere or something, but I woke up when I felt a little nudge on my hand and a crinkle of tags on a collar. It was Pax, trying to wake me up.

And then I heard it. BEEP! Twenty seconds later: BEEP!

"Bubby," I said to David. "Wake up!" It was the smoke alarm, saying that it needed new batteries at 3 a.m. So then the entire family got in a frenzy to change this smoke alarm battery, and David agreed to change them all tonight when he gets home from work. We figured that they probably have not been changed for a year or so, because nobody lived in this house for a long time before the people sold it to us.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Law school...ahhhhhh

Law school is really just kind of eating me right now. We only have three weeks left of classes and then start finals. The end is looming up ahead of me and it is not the time to sit back and relax anymore. This makes for a not so fun me.

However, sometimes my stress makes me laugh. In undergrad, I used to wait until the night before to begin writing papers. I would think nothing of waiting until the weekend before a test to even look over my notes. Now, I am freaking about tests that are a month away and about a paper that is due in a week and a half. Oh, how my perspective on school has changed.

Even though I get stressed (and a lot recently), I usually have a time when I sit back, relax, and say to myself, "why is this so important to me?" Honestly, I will probably graduate from law school (unless I get kicked out for having bad grades, ahem) and have a law degree. That is what matters, and really there is no reason to go through the next three years stressed and crabby. I truly think that someone performs better when they are happy and not going crazy, so I am basically waiting on that moment of clarity to arrive this week.

In other news, Paco and Thorina are getting along...better. They have started to tolerate each other. The cat is actually laying doen within a foot of the puppy right now. I am hoping that some day they will do cute stuff like snuggle together, but I am not keeping my fingers crossed right now.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Kansas City weekend

This weekend I went to visit one of my college buddies with my old roommates. We had so much fun! My friend's house was absoutely gorgeous and we had a wonderful time going around Kansas City together. On Friday night we rented a movie and went to eat barbeque, which was amazing. On Saturday we went shopping and ate at Buca di Beppo. It was very tasty:

Here is a picture of me with Leon, my friend's doggie. He was pretty friendly, although I think he made me miss Paco a little bit!

Anyway, it was wonderful to get out of town for a few days without bringing any work. We are hoping to get together sometime soon again. I am so happy that I got to visit them.

In other news, David's mom and sister were in town this weekend for a conference, and on the way home from KC I called David and asked him to devise a plan to intercept his niece for the day. He was successful and so we got to have Emma for a few hours. She determined that I like to spoil her and David does not after I allowed her to get two treats at the store. I hope that I do not spoil my own children too much.