Monday, October 29, 2007

My personality

So I have a profile on Facebook and have a personality application, which means that I can take a ton of worthless personality tests. I always hate taking those tests because I can never figure out the answers to the questions, so I end up saying, "Julie, do you think I am more like a turtle, a dog, a horse, or a moose?" and that defeats the purpose because it turns into how my roommate perceives me, not a reflection of my personality.

So anyway, for fun, I'm going to post the results here. What do you guys think? Are these accurate? (These are all from

Which Beatle are you?
George Harrison
You are a quite person,Dreamer,You have an inspired soul,you are a very good hearted person!

Which city are you?
Stockholm is famous for the castle, design, architecture, shopping, music and the very old streets. It’s a small, quiet and calm capital but with a good nightlife.

If I were on Seinfeld, I'd be Jerry Seinfeld
You're a natural comedian and known for your wit. Sometimes you feel like you have the strangest friends and the office work style probably doesn't suit you. You often find yourself contemplating why all your friends walk right into your place.

If you were a Disney Princess, You'd be Jasmine
You are a strong, independent person that doesn’t mind taking matters into your own hands. You don't want much, but do love to seek adventures.

If were on Sex And The City, I'd be Carrie Bradshaw
You love the idea of love and always search for it but aren't really sure it exists. You're smart, funny and free-spirited. Above all, you have style.

If I were on Saved By The Bell, I'd be Screech Powers
No need to deny it, you are a nerd. You love to learn and consider yourself a bookworm. At times you can be naive. You are attracted to your exact opposite (stylish and a bit spoiled).

So does this mean that David is spoiled? I guess so!

If you were on Friends, You'd be Monica Geller
You’re a neat freak that always needs things in order. You have a very competitive nature and have an athletic instinct. You can be pretty bossy at times, but you just like to get things done. You might be really into cooking.


Rachel said...

Uhhh...I don't know about that athletic instinct but I guess you are "miss track" and set that JH record for the triple jump!
where are the pictures of that dog!!!

Julie said...

abbie, i think you are most like a moose, fyi. ;)

kisa said...

I suppose if your being Screech means that I am a bit spoiled, it also proves how stylish I am!