Monday, October 15, 2007

My husband is sneaking around behind my back

Tonight I had a revelation--perhaps a signal of sorts from my husband. Many women experience this after they first get married, and who knows what makes the husbands do it. Maybe it is because their houses are cold and sad. Maybe it is because they are not happy, or maybe it is simply because their husbands are not happy. Whatever it is is hidden deep in the psyche of the husband.

After I had finished doing dishes, I noticed David's lunch sitting on the kitchen table. This annoyed me because he failed to actually empty his lunch dishes into the kitchen sink, and it was after the dish washing time, which meant that either he or I had to do these last few dishes, and really, I'm not his personal lunch-emptying servant. But that is beside the point.

I opened this bag and found an item. A book. A fantasy book, particularly. One with dragons and swords and goofy fights with spears.

I asked him where he got the book. He stumbled around and said that he got it out of his car. Then he confessed--he had snuck to the library after work without telling me! Yes, sweet David took a side trip to the library instead of coming home to his two girls. A "ten minute stop", according to him, but it seemed like many more as we were waiting for him to get home and decorate his pizza that we were making tonight for supper.

Sigh. The perils of finding out your husband’s deepest, darkest, secrets. What is worse is that David has a history of secret trips to library. Two days before our wedding, he signed up for a new library card. We always laugh about that because nobody we know except for David would feel that they had time two days before their wedding to spend getting a library card. Hopefully he won't pull a stunt like that when we have kids!


JUANITA said...

Abbie, you are so funny! You made me laugh early this morning. You will make a good lawyer and you could be a good writer. Then you could write David a book and he wouldn't have to sneak out to the library!!!

Joel said...

First it's the library, next it'll be barnes and noble. Pretty soon he'll be sniffing book binding glue behind a dumpster while trying to sell book reviews for library fine money. The horror!

Kathy said...

Oh, Abbie, that was so cute; and as a librarian, I am so proud of Davey!