Monday, October 01, 2007

Lotsa pens

One of my classes got canceled today, which made me sooo happy. When I came home, I found Thorina in this position, scaling my desk.

Yesterday David's parents came to visit. It was a lot of fun and a good visit. I even beat David at Scattergories! It took me a while to get used to his family's rules of the game, though. Whenever I play that game, it seems like there are pretty strict rules as to what is accepted (this is probably because I try to get away with nonsensical answers a lot), but with his family, I thought the rules were a lot more liberal. For instance, they allowed "Willy Wonka" to pass as a boy's name. Now, I know that Willy Wonka is a boy, but I think that would allow me to say, "oh, Walter William Wilson is a boy. Let's look him up online! Oh, he's on Google! Three points for me!"

On the other hand, when we played Boggle at one point, David almost stalked off because we were playing wayyyy too liberally with the doling out of points. Apparently he played a different way, where if someone has zero points you don't let them get by with "guh" as a word so they could have at least three points, even though you have six hundred million points.

However, Willy Wonka is, in fact, a boy. It is such a quandary, and another example of a difference between our families. I am glad they are so minute.

Anyway, his mom brought some of his childhood items with her, probably because she wanted to get them out of her house. And I can see why:
Yes, folks, that is David's lifetime pencil collection. Now it is sitting on our desk because I can't bring myself to let him throw out all of these unused pencils. So if you need a pencil anytime soon, feel free to stop by our house.


rachel said...

I like the pencil collection picture!!! It reminds me of all the pencils Mrs. Kirtlink used to give out every friday in 4th grade. I had alot but I don't think I ever had near that many!!! And I guess I don't have them anymore either! Looking forward to seeing you guys on Sat at b and b's wedding!

kisa said...

Although the pencil collection is rather lame, keep in mind that I didn't go crazy about collecting high quality pencils everywhere!

Kathy said...

Abbie, I am going to try to include your idea in the Engaged Encounter talks we are writing: Be aware of differences in religion, housekeeping standards, spending habits, and family rules in Boggle, Scattergories, and Scrabble!

Juanita said...

Meridith used to buy pens every time we went shopping. Wayne and I get so many pens and pencils free now and I can't part with them, so we have quite a collection. And with just us to use them now, we'll never have to buy any. I do give a lot away at school. I got to see your home from the outside Sunday----it is very nice!

juanita said...

Forgot to tell you-----that is a pretty talented cat!