Thursday, October 04, 2007


We just had a little dinner party for some of my law school friends. It was a ton of fun, and I am excited to be meeting all of these new people. I have been thinking tonight of how important my friends are in my life--during school, I was with the same 42 people for 13 grades, which produced some lasting friendships. I still hang with some of my high school friends, and am going to a wedding of one this weekend. My friend Rach was definitely my best friend during high school. We would have fun doing a lot of goofy stuff, but I always had a blast with her.

Then I went to college and became great friends with my college roommates, hallmates, and fraternity friends. They are all so fun and interesting people, and I truly treasure their ongoing friendships. I hope that we always remain close. It seems that the four years I spent with them was the time during which I matured the most and really found out what kind of person I want to be. Therefore, they are extremely important to me, and I feel like we have a sort of unconditional friendship. My roommates and I still email each other daily, which is really fun. We give each other advice on things like boys and what kind of fridge to buy. I love thinking about how much fun we had on Monday nights, just hanging out and playing darts.

Then, there is my family. Besides my grandparents and aunts and uncles, I feel so lucky to have a good friendship with my brother. I feel that our relationship is really honest and open: we do not have to put on a facade around each other or feel stilted when we hang out. I also feel really lucky to be close to my cousins--I know that most people could not have a fun afternoon or evening with just them and their cousins, but I really like mine and feel lucky to have them. Finally, I have my parents. It is really fun to live near them so that I can see them more often. Plus, their friends are really fun, and even though they are older than me, I love hanging out with them.

Of course, the most important friend to me is David. He and I became really close friends before we even began dating, which was really wonderful because it meant that I actually liked him as a person and loved his company rather than just dating him out of convenience. Now I feel so natural around him (not like granola-eating, but like I can really be myself around him).

Now that I am starting law school, I am in a very different life situation. I am married and have a house. Everybody seems a lot more mature. But my law school friends and I share a huge bond: we are all attempting to get through the three most grueling years of our lives together. They are all really cool people and I am looking forward to knowing them more.

I know this entire post is pretty cheesy, but having friends is one of the greatest joys in life, and I love all of mine. I hope that I have such good friends throughout my life.

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