Saturday, September 29, 2007


Tonight, the sunset was so beautiful that I wanted to take some pictures. There were so many fantastic colors happening in one sky:
David and I have been trying to stay within a food budget. It is really, really low, so of course we are struggling to stay within the boundaries. We had gotten into a bad habit of eating boxed side dishes and other boxed dinners, which are not very healthy. We can definitely afford to spend more money on food, but I think that I need to plan meals for the week because otherwise I buy items that either go bad or we never use. Having a plan and sticking to a list and a budget will be a lot less wasteful!

Now we are trying to hand make these boxed dishes so that they are healthier and somewhat cheaper. Everybody who got us a cookbook for our wedding can rest assured that they are being used!

Today I decided to paint a bookshelf that we bought a few weeks ago. Now, our household has four bookshelves and our books still do not fit on them. Gah! Our next house is going to have to have a library. I really enjoyed painting it white, and I am thinking of repainting other furniture that we have that is old and has no sentimental value.

And now, for your enjoyment, a picture of the queen of this house:

It is very blurry because Thorina decided to run away again. She loves to play in our flower beds, and is so funny when she does not want to come inside. She will spot us and the take off running, and so we look like doofs chasing her around our yard. Sometimes, she will run too far and find herself in a neighbor's yard. When this happens, she crouches down and looks so scared. Poor girl!

Her not going to the bathroom on the vinegar-laden rug is working pretty well (except that vinegar stinks so badly that I think I will be very wary of using it again in a rug). Now she has decided to move to the futon for a litter box. My friend who is in vet school told me that she is probably just marking her territory and will calm down when she is fixed. All I can say is that I can't wait until she is 6 months old (the age at which we can fix her).


Kathy said...

I am excited about seeing Thorina, and your bookshelves, and your new bedroom set, and you and Davey tomorrow!

kisa said...

I'm glad that we have such an extensive personal library that we can't even contain all of our books!

golfer said...

Someone mentioned keeping the cat in one area until she gets the point that the house is not her litter box.

golfer said...

someone mentioned keeping the cat in one room until she understands the house is not her litter box