Saturday, September 29, 2007


Tonight, the sunset was so beautiful that I wanted to take some pictures. There were so many fantastic colors happening in one sky:
David and I have been trying to stay within a food budget. It is really, really low, so of course we are struggling to stay within the boundaries. We had gotten into a bad habit of eating boxed side dishes and other boxed dinners, which are not very healthy. We can definitely afford to spend more money on food, but I think that I need to plan meals for the week because otherwise I buy items that either go bad or we never use. Having a plan and sticking to a list and a budget will be a lot less wasteful!

Now we are trying to hand make these boxed dishes so that they are healthier and somewhat cheaper. Everybody who got us a cookbook for our wedding can rest assured that they are being used!

Today I decided to paint a bookshelf that we bought a few weeks ago. Now, our household has four bookshelves and our books still do not fit on them. Gah! Our next house is going to have to have a library. I really enjoyed painting it white, and I am thinking of repainting other furniture that we have that is old and has no sentimental value.

And now, for your enjoyment, a picture of the queen of this house:

It is very blurry because Thorina decided to run away again. She loves to play in our flower beds, and is so funny when she does not want to come inside. She will spot us and the take off running, and so we look like doofs chasing her around our yard. Sometimes, she will run too far and find herself in a neighbor's yard. When this happens, she crouches down and looks so scared. Poor girl!

Her not going to the bathroom on the vinegar-laden rug is working pretty well (except that vinegar stinks so badly that I think I will be very wary of using it again in a rug). Now she has decided to move to the futon for a litter box. My friend who is in vet school told me that she is probably just marking her territory and will calm down when she is fixed. All I can say is that I can't wait until she is 6 months old (the age at which we can fix her).

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fed up

Today I decided that I was sick of the cat ruling this house. She has a litter box in the middle of the living room! Last night David and I looked up some options for breaking her of this habit. It seems that her peeing on the rug could be a result of the urine smell on the rug. Apparently, there is a high chance that she went to the bathroom the first time on the rug because she was sick and then kept going after because of the smell on the carpet. Either that or she needs anti-depressants because she is depressed.

Anyway, today I decided to lock her in the laundry room during the day with her food, toys, and the litter box. When I got home, I scrubbed the carpet with vinegar (apparently the best thing to rid a carpet of cat smell). I plan to scrub again tomorrow. Hopefully, she will remember where her original litter box is by being locked in with it all day long and also forget that she went on the carpet since the smell is gone. It has been an hour and a half since I returned home and so far the plan is working. We'll see how it goes.

I just finished making a ton of food for the rest of the week, including spaghetti sauce, buffalo chicken, potatoes, corn, and green beans. We won't have much time to cook for the rest of this week, so I knew that I needed to make a bunch of stuff today.

This morning I locked myself out of my car. The problem was that I also locked my laptop and books for a class in the car. The reason I did it was because I saw a law school friend, waved and said hello, and then pressed "lock" instead of "unlock" for my car. It was kind of goofy because I was like, "Hey Bob!" (hits lock and slams door) "Erp...can I borrow your cell phone?" I ended up calling David from work because I figured that his driving over to the garage would be less expensive than calling a locksmith. I still had to go through two of my classes without my laptop notes and of course my Torts teacher called on me blindly (i.e. without my raising my hand) for the first time today. Grr! Oh well.

Now I have to go do some homework and I may run a little. Have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

My mid-term is over!

Finally, my mid-term test is over. On Friday I was sooo exhausted, and decided to drive to Kirksville to see Julie, one of my old roommates. We had a lot of fun talking and laughing. I drove back home yesterday and then today we had a Sweet Sixteen birthday party for my cousin Colleen! I'll have to post some pictures later.

Hopefully this week will be better for me to get back into the swing of things at school. I am looking forward to not having a test for which I need to study. Also, I am looking forward to finishing the decorating of our house. We got bedroom furniture, have almost assembled all of our bookcases, and almost have all of the moving boxes out of the garage. Last night David assembled another bookcase and we were excited because we thought we had all of my books in the house and on bookshelves. However, when I went back out into the garage to double-check, I discovered another entire stack of boxes filled with books. Yipes. We are running out of room for bookshelves here!

I need to go study for my classes tomorrow again. It has been nice to kind of break from the studies for the weekend, but now I need to get back to the grind.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The boys

My Dad and brother are visiting us for the night. Ryan has a doctor appointment in the morning for his knee surgery. Even though I am super stressed with my mid-term that is on Friday and about to swallow my existence, I have to say that having my favorite dudes around is really fun and gave me a much-needed break! Tonight we made pizzas and got ice cream. Yum!

David and I are having a problem with Thorina. She has been going to the bathroom in really bad locations: mostly on our living room rug, but also on our beautiful, new, perfect white duvet and most recently, on my brother's clothing that was laying on the floor in the guest room. I can't figure out why she pees everywhere (luckily for us, it isn't the other kind of bathroom). Here are my two guesses:
1. She thinks the consistency of the rug and comforter resembles a litter box (she really doesn't go other places around the house, and tonight, Ryan's clothes happened to be laying on the white comforter because it was in the guest room drying from the last time she peed on it).
2. She is really irritated with having guests and also having the guest room opened (usually we keep the door closed).

Does anybody have any ideas for training this feline? Right now, we have a litter box on the living room rug, and we are moving it slightly every day with the end goal at her actual litter box, which is in our laundry room. However, I really want her to sleep with us but if she thinks that our comforter is a litter box, that won't really work. Oh, and I forgot to mention that it only seems to happen on the white comforter. We have an older one on our bed right now and there have been no accidents yet (it has been on the bed for at least two weeks now).

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another weekend

This weekend we decided to head to my hometown to visit my brother and for me to go to a wedding shower yesterday. It was so weird to actually give marriage advice when they went around the room asking for tips for the new bride. Hmmm....I am getting old. We came back home just after the shower.

We took Thorina (our cat) to the farm with us. She did not do so well on the car ride back home, and when we were at my house she was skittish and weird. She kept hiding under the sofa and would not come out so that people could pet her. By the second day, she was at least exploring the house so I am hoping that she gets used to her vacation home.

Anyway, today I am supposed to be studying for my Torts mid-term that is on Friday, but I cannot seem to bring myself to study. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a picture of my cat and little Emma (who came to visit awhile ago):

And here is a picture of Thorina in her Halloween costume! She is a rooster:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Beautiful day

Yesterday I think I had a little virus. I woke up during the middle of the night with a stomachache and still had pain when I woke up for the day. I felt pretty gross all day long, and when I called the Student Health Center and asked them about my symptoms, they said that a virus has been going around lately. So last night I went to bed wayyyy early and woke up this morning refreashed and feeling great.

Today has been absolutely gorgeous--I just ran around the neighborhood and loved it. Hopefully it will stay this nice for a while!

I better go work on a paper I have due on Thursday. I hope you enjoy the beautiful day as well!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

An update

Sarah inspired me to update my blog this weekend, and I am really happy with the result. Now, after spending some time updating the layout, it might help if I would post something!

We have been pretty busy lately. Probably the most important news is that my brother had to have surgery on his knee recently. Last Friday night, he got hurt in his high school football game. It stinks for him because he loves football and now he cannot play for the rest of the season. The good news is that he might get to play sports after the first of the year, so he can still enjoy basketball and track. He seems to be recovering well, and he has two diligent nurses (my parents) to help him along the way.

Back at the home front, our tomato plant has been going crazy!

We have grown about 15 Roma tomatoes. They are very tasty! We really want to put in a garden this coming year so that we can grow more goodies.

Last weekend we went to a family reunion for David's family, and then headed to my parents' house for Labor Day. It was a great and relaxing weekend. This weekend we used our Crock-Pot to make some chili for the beginning of fall, so now I think that we have used all of our new kitchen appliances at least once.

I better go and study some more. I have a Torts mid-term coming up in a few weeks.