Sunday, August 26, 2007

Law school and a general update

Hello, all. It has certainly been a long time since I have written on this blog. I have been a lot busier lately; starting school is always exciting and new.

Law school is very enjoyable for me so far. I am enjoying the subject matter of my classes, the structure of the classes themselves, and meeting new people. Before I went, I had people who had completed law school tell me that I would learn a new way of thinking and that my mind would be challenged beyond belief for the first one and a half semesters. This is turning out to be very true: the reading is incredible--before beginning, I read things for pleasure and not necessarily for comprehension. Now I find myself concentrating on ten pages for hours, rereading sentences two or three times in an attempt to glean their meanings. Nothing seems as simple as it did before because our professors are attempting to teach us to question everything. It is certainly the academic challenge of my life and I am excited to immerse myself in learning.

Granted, this is only the first week. By the time that November rolls around and my finals that happen once a semester and thus determine my entire grade begin looming, I will probably be hitting my head on the desk. But for now, I like everything.

Our kitchen is still unpainted. It has a coat of red paint on it with some pink peeping out, which was lovely since we had guests come this weekend. Our friend Josh is leaving for a year to go to Seattle (which is pretty far away!), so we had a little going-away party for him. Yesterday I went wedding shopping with my friends Julie, Colleen, and Amy (Julie is the bride) and Julie found her wedding dress! We were so excited for her. I tried on some bridesmaid attire but we really didn't find much in the way of bridesmaid dresses.

Today David and I are relaxing and catching up on homework. In fact, I better go now and finish my last case for tomorrow.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The weekend

Tomorrow I start law school orientation. I am so nervous---it is hard to start at a new school, begin law school with all the reading, and meet new people all at the same time! However, it is very exciting and I am really anticipating the day tomorrow.

We had a good weekend. We have a primer coat on the kitchen with some random paint trim on the sides, which looks horrible, but now that it is 5:17 and we both have to go back to work/school tomorrow, I seriously doubt that it will get finished. I think that I would rather have a pink/red kitchen and relaxing time than a shiny finished product.

Last night the power went out in our house--it was very scary for a while because we had not yet assembled our flashlights that someone had so smartly given us as a wedding present! After we finally figured it out, we decided to read a little and just go to sleep. We got a little bit of rain, but not enough to really subside this heat.

Yesterday we went out boating with some of David's hometown friends. It was a lot of fun, but I was so exhausted after the day was over! I went kneeboarding and wakeboarding, which was awesome. I was really glad because I got up on the wakeboard the first time. I had a few bad falls but nothing as bad as the last time I went out this summer.

I better go! I am cooking a Mahi Mahi pasta dish with mango tonight.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Law school, day 1 (kind of)

Today I went with my friend Justine to get my law school books, a parking pass, and orient myself to the computer systems in the lab. It was long and grueling---the lines were long and people were pretty competitive when it came to securing their used books. We made it out unscathed and I am pretty excited to be starting school. I am also a little nervous, because I am afraid that I will have no life after Tuesday (when I start orientation), but hopefully I am wrong.

David and I are taking a weekend to hang out at home. Hopefully we can get some painting finished in the house and do some other small projects. One side of me wants to really relax and do nothing for these last few days, and the other side of me keeps thinking that I should be finishing up my decorating and settling-in work in the house. Maybe we can have a little of both over the weekend.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

This cat

Our cat has taken over our home. She runs rampant everywhere, creating a ruckus in her wake. I never considered that having a cat would take up so much energy, and I truly think that we have the most high-maintenance cat in the universe, excepting perhaps my friend Rachel's kitty, who needs to be hand-fed every three hours.

Yesterday I walked in the kitchen and caught her surfing on a place mat. I am not kidding. First of all, she had jumped on the table and pulled the place mat on the floor. After that, she apparently took a running leap onto the place mat because when I caught her, she was sliding on the kitchen floor while squatting on the place mat. I am glad that she apparently has such a fun time while I am gone. When I walked near her, she was especially hilarious because she looked at me so sweetly like she was trying to get me into the act. Yeah, cat. Cowabunga, dude.

It is especially frustrating to see this creative act of genius kitty because David and I spent some of our hard-earned wedding gift cards buying her a new and awesome scratch post. This thing is primo: it even has a pink ball at the top on a spring, providing an added bonus toy for most cats. Our cat just walks past that scratch post. Instead, she enjoys going crazy on our furniture and other nice items.

I just heard her run into a door, so I better go.