Monday, July 30, 2007

Our weekend

This weekend David's family had their annual fireworks party at their house. David and I decided to bring something--frosted cookies that we made with our new decorating set!
We spent a few hours on Friday evening decorating them like stars and flowers. I did not think that people would eat many, because from my experience with making sugar cookies, people do not eat them as well as other kinds of cookies, but there were none left after the party, so we were excited!
The party was fun and exciting, and David and his brother loved shooting off Fireworks.
Here is a picture of David's reading to the kitty. How sweet!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It has been a while has been a while since I have written on this blog. Not much has been happening, though. That is, not much except extreme pain and almost mutilation of my muscles.

This happened as a result of something I love to do: water skiing and wakeboarding. More specifically, falling while wakeboarding and falling while water skiing. If I had successfully stayed above the water, none of this pain would have ensued. Alas, that did not happen.

This weekend I went water skiing with some family friends, my mom, my brother, and my husband. Now, my husband is able to get up on the wakeboard with complete ease and stay afloat. I believe that he only fell once. However, I had a bit of trouble getting up on the wakeboard---so much trouble that my muscles hurt for about five days. After falling about eight times, I decided to switch to the skis.

This proved to be super easy: I got up on the very first try and stayed up with almost no problem until disaster struck. I fell and smacked my derriere on the water. This was not fun and resulted in extreme pain while sitting.

So basically I have been in a lot of pain for the last few days. Today I felt much better and finally ran again. It did not help my ego that my mother, who is older than me (but I won't say how much older because that is impolite), got up and ran the next day after she skied twice the day before.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


David and I have been doing some serious home improvements in the last few weeks. It seems like the cleaning and unpacking will never end.

Tonight, we have been trying to install blinds in the living room. David and I literally just spent thirty minutes going back and forth from staring at the installation pictures and to the blinds themselves. We still have not figured out how to install them. And this is coming from two people who have college degrees.

This is one of those instances where I feel extremely humbled. Between the two of us, David and I could conjugate Latin verbs and solve complex statistics problems. However, a vinyl blind baffles us. It just amazes me how some people are able to do things like build anything without a picture helping, understand wiring, and learn the intricacies of a car. How do they do that?

Oh good. David just came in and said that he figured out the blinds. Maybe now we can finally go to bed with our reading books.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Lotsa pictures

Well, we are back from our relaxing honeymoon and also (sadly) back to a regular schedule. I started back at work today, which was fun because I got to see my co-workers, but hard because I really, really enjoyed my vacation.
I was so mad about this game of mini-golf. David kept saying, "Oh, I love mini-golf! I am so good at mini-golf!" and then, at the last hole, I added up the scores and we were tied! I took my first shot and got my ball down an incline and decided to go down and wait for David. Unbeknownst to me, he hit the ball TWICE before getting it down the same incline. Therefore, when I had pretty bad aim hitting the ball during my last shot, I thought that we were tied when really I was still one ahead of him! This is a long story, but basically he snuck around and I didn't know that I had a chance to win so I was getting impatient and, in the end, I feel that the last hole should have been redone. Oh well.

In more important news, here is a new addition to our family:
Thorina is our new kitten who thinks she is the queen of the house. This might be because we shower her with attention constantly. She is going to be so spoiled, but she is an adorable kitty.
The wedding was absolutely beautiful and wonderful. I really can't take any credit for the great event: my mom planned the entire thing, and it could have never been as lovely without the help of so many family friends. At any rate, I will be blogging about it some more this week, but I am including some pictures for your enjoyment now.

Here are my gift-bearers (Amy, Jancin, me, Julie, and Colleen):
Our group of college buds who were in the wedding (Josh, Colleen, Amy, me, David, Jules, Jancin, and Heath):
After cutting the cake:
Our walking into the reception (taken from our cater's website):
My dad walking me down the aisle (I was trying so hard to smile, but I was SO nervous!):
My friends helping me into my dress (I just love these pics):
My cousins and friend Colleen waiting for me to finish with my hair:
Another prep shot:
And a picture that I love of David and his brothers:
I better go do some kitchen cleaning in our house! I will write more later this week!