Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My fiance is quite the Shakespeare

Last night I realized that we still do not have a guest book for the wedding that is, um, this Saturday. So I called David and asked him to ask his mother to pick one up, since they live in a city and are close to various stores (haha, David). Because of this, he penned her this crazy e-mail. This is just to show you what a goofy guy I am marrying in four days:

Good morning, Mum.
I am wondering if you plan on journeying into town at some point this week. If so, then I request, if I may be so bold, that you keep a sharp lookout for a wedding guest book, for my fair lady Abbie and I have none to use at the events of this weekend of which you are well aware. If perchance you happen upon a store which might hold such an item, such as a Hallmark store, pray pick a book of simple, elegant design which will be pleasing to the eye for many years hence. My fair lady and I desire the color of said book to be white or a comparable derivative, including, but not limited to, ivory, mother-of-pearl, beige, china white, off-white, eggshell, etc. If you achieve success in this endeavor, I am certain that my fair lady will be no less obliged than I, who will feel considerable gratitude.
Thank you kindly for your aid in this matter.
Love from your son,

David calls me his "fair lady" a lot. I think he wishes that he lived in the days of knights and duels!

Today I am getting my room ready for the weekend and finishing some projects around the house. Right now I think I may go try to make salsa, because we have fresh cilantro and tomatoes! Yum!

Monday, June 25, 2007


This morning I went and decorated the church with Cindy, the priest, and another lady from my church.. They were all so nice with doing a lot of the work and helping. It was a lot less stress than I thought before we started--everybody had good ideas and I wanted to keep it simple, so we did not have many elaborate detailing to do. Overall, I think it looks very pretty and nice.

The weather here is sooo hot! Today we broke into sweats just carrying a few flowers in from outside. Hopefully, by Saturday, it will be a little cooler!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

7 Random Things About Me

Yay! Sarah, David's sister, just tagged me to do this fun activity. I am supposed to write seven random things about me, so here it goes:

1. I say I do not like cheese, but I really like nacho cheese and cheese from certain kinds of pizza (the really thin crust with provolone cheese (maybe? I'm not sure?)). This really isn't that random for people who actually know me, I do not think, but oh well. I do not know why I make this distinction between cheeses in my head. Just today, my office ordered lunch and I got a salad. The restaurant accidentally put cheese on mine and so I gave the entire thing away because I dislike it so much!

2. When I was little, I went to every sort of camp imaginable. The list of camps that I attended include space camp, zoo camp, Science Center camp, Art camp (two different art camps), Engineering camp, and Scholars Academy (just to name a few).

3. I am obsessed with the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I loved them so much when I was little and I really think that I could recite them now because I have read them so many times.

4. I am also obsessed with cats. When I realized that I loved David more than my last cat, I knew that it was true love that would last forever.

5. I do a backbend almost every single day. I want to keep doing them so that I never get to the point at which I am too inflexible to do one.

6. Each night, I sleep with my yellow blankie that I had as a baby. It is really, really hard for me to fall asleep without smelling it, so I wrap it around my head like a turban when falling asleep.

7. Within eight days of each other, I am getting married and buying a new house. Needless to say, my life has been very crazy lately!

Hopefully you enjoyed my 7 random things.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Last night I met my friend Rach at a lake here in town. I love being near the water, especially during the summertime. I attribute this to my being a Pisces. At any rate, it was a very fun and relaxing time. I loved being outside with nothing much to do and just talking.

I started a new trick a few weeks ago: running at the beginning of the day rather than in the evening. This way, I have running finished and I can enjoy all of my free time (er, the four hours between 5-9) after work. Plus, I love having the extra time in the morning. It makes it seem like I get more time at home during the day.

I better go and finish getting ready for work!

Last-minute prep

This weekend David and I went back to my house and did some more last-minute wedding planning. It seems that a lot of our wedding jobs have been made into last-minute jobs, like booking a honeymoon (ahem, done last night, with less than 2 weeks left before the wedding), and finishing various other little chores. I am really excited about the wedding! A lot of my family and closest friends are coming, which will make it really fun.

I better go and keep getting ready for work. Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Engaged Encounter

David and I had an exciting weekend: we attended Engaged Encounter. In order to get married in the Catholic Church, couples have to go through a series of pre-marital counseling sessions. David and I chose Engaged Encounter, a type of retreat, for our counseling. It is a world-wide program, and was an awesome experience.

We got there on Friday night and left yesterday at 4:00. The weekend was soooo relaxing and nice. This was way different than what I thought it would be: I was not looking forward to having yet another busy weekend, but this was definitely different than what I expected.

Basically, the format of the weekend was that we would listen to a talk on a certain subject, write in notebooks about the subject, and then share our notebooks with our fiance. There were two presenting couples, who were really fun, and a priest who would talk during the speech parts, who was awesome. We had a really young priest named Father Nick who was funny, but who tied the subject matter into religion a little bit, but it was pretty interesting. He was also cute because he spoke about how his marriage with God related to the topics. Then the presenting couple would give a talk about the topic, like for instance, being "live-giving" instead of "life-draining", where basically the moral of the story was to be nice to your partner and respect them.

After that, the one gender (either the guys or the girls) would stay in the common area to write in the notebooks, while the other gender went to the rooms and wrote. I think the point of separating us was to get the individual opinions about stuff rather than just the couple's opinion. When they called time, we went up to our fiance in the room and discussed the topic and what we wrote for 20 minutes. That was nice because we had privacy to discuss the topics. We basically did this most of the weekend, with mass, meals, a break on Saturday, and other little things.

I really really enjoyed it a lot, though, because it gave me a lot of time to spend with David alone, and we got to talk about issues that were important to have clear by the time we got married. Plus, it was totally relaxing, with no pressures from planning and buying the house, and I felt really peaceful and de-stressed. We enjoyed talking to couples who were going through the same big event in their lives.

Overall, the weekend was great. Now I have some catching-up to do on cleaning, so I better get to work!

Monday, June 04, 2007

my weekends

I am just going to do a quick update tonight. David and I went to the baseball game over Memorial Day weekend, and here is a picture of our standing in front of a fountain. We had a great time, even though our team lost.
This weekend David's dad was ordained as a Deacon in the Catholic Church. David took 125 pictures throughout the weekend, of which only bout 30 were not so blurry that they made one dizzy. Here are some of the semi-good ones.
David claims that during the wedding ceremony I will perform this sign of humility--I say, "keep dreaming!"
On Sunday, I got to be a godmother to David's nephew Noah. His baptism was very nice. This is a picture of David's sister Sarah, her baby Noah, her husband Steve, and their daughter Emma, me, and, lastly, Peter. Peter and I were godparents to Noah. Finally, here is a picture of me and David with our godchildren. I'm practicing my scratchy voice so that I can tell Noah to quit crying and to act like a man when he doesn't get his movie roles.