Wednesday, May 30, 2007

new job, new city, new life

On Monday I moved to a new city, on Tuesday I started a job, and this entire week I have been getting acclimated to a new life. It is new and different than any other life that I have led--of course, it is different than Prague and D.C., where there were new and exciting adventures around every corner. Now it is like I am living a more normal life, and it is weird to me. I have to get up for work every day at 7. It is sooo early! Then I have a job where I work eight hours a day. When I get off work, it seems that I barely have enough time to check my email, run, eat supper, shower, and do a tiny bit of shopping. I feel like I am living the life of a single woman or something, but that won't last long!
I better go finish typing some emails and stuff. Pretty soon I will need to start going to bed. Oy!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bachelorette Party

Last night my friends hosted a bachelorette party for me that was so much fun. If you ever want to go to a fun party, you should go to a bachelorette party that is planned by my friends. I am so looking forward to when some of my other friends get married just for this reason.

The night started out at my friend Rachel's house, where we ate chili and laughed at the decorations (there were some pretty scandalous and funny items, but I won't go into details here). They bought me a cute tank top that said "Bride" on it with a veil that I wore all night. After that we went to some bars downtown, including a piano bar that was awesome. People could request songs, so we requested "Only the Good Die Young" because it is my and my college friends' theme song. Since we were a bachelorette party, we got to go on stage and dance. We made the most of it and spent most of the evening on stage having fun!

The entire evening was so relaxing. I didn't have to worry about housing or the wedding, and so the de-stressing time was very nice. I'm so glad that I have so many great friends who got to come and plan the event. I really appreciate all of the hard work they did to get ready. I am also glad that they did not hire a stripper, because that would have been sooo embarrassing (I was, quite frankly, pretty worried). We didn't get very much sleep, so tonight I am pretty tired. I wanted to post more pictures of the decorations and group, but my computer is being so slow right now, so maybe I will do it in a few days.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bridal fitting

Yesterday I had my first dress fitting, which was fun. I really wish that I could post pictures, but David reads this blog so I can't really do that.
I laughed at the store because they had to pin up at least three feet of fabric so that the dress would be short enough for me. I can't wear high heels for this wedding because of a certain someone, so now the dress looks tiny! I am so excited about it because it is shaping up to be my actual wedding dress. Yay!
I also got my jewelry for the event, which I am unsure about posting. If a groom sees a bride's jewelry before the big day, is it bad luck? I have no clue.
Today I am home all day long. I plan on doing a lot of nothing, including not running. I think I need a day off, considering that I have ran some distance for the last gazillion days. I need to let my muscles rest.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Reading slowly

Since I have been home, I have been reading The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte, and I absolutely love it! The rate at which I am reading this book is remarkable, because I am actually reading it sloowwwllyyy. Yes, folks, the English major has taken almost two weeks to read this 464-page classic and is not yet finished. I think that some people would want to finish a book in record time, but when one has been required to read 120 pages in two days for the last four years, reading slowly becomes a treat. It allows me to soak everything in, enjoy her writing style, and love the book. If you haven't read it, you ought to do so. It is great.

Tonight my mom and brother left to go to a concert so my dad and I ruled the house! We went wild: we bought Blizzards from Dairy Queen, ate pizza, and watched Freedom Writers. Our rebellion against the usual order of the house (limited sweets, no junk food, and no watching TV before 7 or so) has exhausted us so much that we are both in bed.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Adventure while running

Yesterday I woke up really early (ahem, 8 a.m.), and did some reading and internet surfing. While online, I noticed that there were thunderstorms scheduled throughout the afternoon for my area. Being the good little runner that I am, I decided to run in the morning rather than the afternoon, with the hopes that I would miss the rain.

It was a big decision for me, because I really, really hate running in the morning. This is because I feel like my muscles are not stretched for the day, and I feel like a robot while running (yes, I do stretch before I begin my runs, but this does not seem to help the problem much). So anyway, I decided to run.

Currently I am up to running about four miles per day, which is good for me at this time of the year. While running, I noticed that some clouds were building around me (we live on a flat plain, so I can see rain coming from miles away, which is so cool). However, I was not smart enough to turn back at this point. I kept running until I was on the last bit of my second mile (meaning that I was at my farthest point from my house), and suddenly, I heard a huge thunderclap. Eeek!

Now, please remember that I am the only person for at least a half a mile, and two miles from home. With no car. Plus, I had my IPod, and did not want it to get wet. I kept listening and watching for rain, when suddenly I felt a gust of cold air. This was my signal that it was raining at some place, and that I needed to run. Fast.

So I took off running and looked toward my house, and I could not even see some trees that I can normally see in the distance because a sheet of rain was covering them. In the meantime, I heard more thunder. This was a moment of intensity: I had to devise of a plan that got me home in the quickest amount of time. Because of this, I decided to cut across a farmer's field so that I could cross a nearby creek and sprint the last three-fourths of a mile home. I had only gotten a little past the creek when the rain hit me. I had to look down at the ground because I could not really see without getting my eyes wet, and I ended up taking off my t-shirt and wrapping it around the IPod (I had a tank top on underneath), so that it would not get wet.

Luckily, the rain stopped after only a few minutes and I never saw any lightening. I ran the rest of the way home as my heart throbbed in my chest. I definitely did not like being that far away from home without the hope of someone coming to get me during a thunderstorm. Then, on top of all of this, that was the only time that it rained really hard that entire day, so my plan of avoiding a torrential downfall went completely awry!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Showering and relaxing

Well, today I had my last shower, which also means that the wedding is getting extremely close. Scarily close. I will only be a single woman for about another month and a half. Today my mom asked me if I was happy that David and I decided to get married this summer (before we got engaged, there was not really a question of whether I would marry David, but when). I think that yes, I am glad that we got married this summer. While we are pretty young to get married (especially compared to when I always thought of myself getting married, which was at age 28), but I am still glad that we are doing it now. I cannot imagine attempting to plan a wedding during law school (I know that I would not have wanted to wait another three years), David and I probably would have wanted to live together anyway, and I am so excited about being with him every day.

The shower today was very nice. David’s mom and sister gave it, so there was a nice mixture of his family and some of my family and friends.

Of course, I am at home from college now, and it is pretty relaxing. Yesterday, I played on the computer, read, ran, cooked, took a bath, and ordered pizza. The guy who gave me my pizza was the first human I saw all day, and that was at 8:40 p.m. It was pretty nice.

Lastly, tomorrow is Mother’s Day; so Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers who read my blog! We are spending the day with my mom tomorrow, I think. My mom is a great mom who is always supportive of me and who inspires me to challenge myself and be caring towards others. I love her lots and hope that she has a great day. Also, Happy Mother’s Day to my Grandma, who reads my blog as well!

Monday, May 07, 2007


Well, I graduated. My finals last week were pretty hard. I had one every single day, so there was non-stop studying from that weekend until Friday morning. Graduation was nice, but it seemed that everybody was very tired.

Now I am back home and pretty much relaxing. Last night I slept for twelve hours and I also took a nap today. My body seems to be saying, "thannnkkkkk youuuu for sleeepppp".

I realized a few days ago that I have not really updated about my and David's situation. David accepted a job last week as an auditor, and I am going to law school in the fall. We are both excited and are now looking for housing. I am really sorry that my time at college is over, but now I get to look forward to the wedding and then to law school. It seems like my adventures are never-ending!

I will post some pictures from graduation in the next few days. Now I am ready for more sleep!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Four years ago

Yesterday some students had sculptures on our campus quad. They were very interesting, and I loved having art there---I wish they would keep the artwork.
It was about four years ago that I moved to college. Above is a picture of me (I am the second one from the right). I don't think that I really look very different now. The group above were the ones who stayed for the entire labor day weekend. We had an absolute blast: most people go home for that weekend, but instead we stayed at school and became good friends. That brings me to one of the things I will miss about my life at school: my friends. I have made so many great friends and met so many awesome people, and I am going to be so sad not to have them just a few minutes away from me all the time.

And here is a big chocolate bar:
It said that it was the "World's Largest Hershey's Bar", but I don't think it was because there were like twenty other "World's Largest Hershey's Bar"s on the shelf. Oh well.

On another side note, apparently Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are in Prague right now filming a movie. I'm so jealous of them.