Sunday, March 25, 2007


Our formal last night was very fun. I had a great time dancing the night away (for the last time with my PSP people, which is sad). Here are some pictures from the night. Above, you can see my shoes. I got them while on Spring Break. Needless to say, they are pretty uncomfortable. However, during the dance I was able to ditch them and just go without shoes. Below is my hair, which my friend Colleen did for me:
I never wear my hair in an updo like that, so it was a fun change. David picked me up from Colleen's house and surprised me with a beautiful flower. After that, we went to dinner with some of our good friends and then on to the dance. Here we are in our prom-like picture:
Here is a picture of me and my friend Amy at formal. You cannot tell it by this picture, but her dress poofs out crazily on the bottom. There are so many layers of netting that it is ridiculous.
I did not end up winning the formal queen title, but my friend Josh won formal king! We were really excited for him last night.

I have to go and study for a Latin test that I have tomorrow. It is my second to last Latin test (probably ever), which makes me sad. I have taken the language for four years.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Formal Court

I am so excited because yesterday I found out that I am on my formal court for my fraternity. Why is this so exciting for me? Because I have never been on any sort of court whatsoever! It is a new experience to try.

Don't worry, I was actually elected to this position (it was not like my normal victories which are usually won by some sort of default). Now I am not sure what I am supposed to do besides look nice on Saturday night. My friend Colleen is doing my hair for the occasion. I have a pretty formal dress. I am pretty afraid that I will trip in my shoes.

They will announce the winners on Saturday night, but like any gracious formal court member I don't really care if I win. If I lose, I'll act as gracious as Faith Hill on this clip:

Um, actually, not really. I'm just excited about formal in general and all of the other court ladies are my friends, so I will be excited no matter what. Actually, I think the real victory will be if I do not fall during the ceremony.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Meet Patrick

This is my birthday present to myself, and I named it Patrick. Isn't it cute? When I saw that they were selling Shamrocks in Wal-Mart, I was so excited. Now it lives on my desk. I love having a plant in the room!

My birthday yesterday was a ton of fun. One of my friends who moved away to Kansas City came up this weekend to help celebrate. It was great seeing her! I better go do some homework. I am so worn out now that I am almost ready to fall asleep at my desk.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

To the guy in the library computer lab who just threw a piece of trash at a girl to catch her attention:

I am not coming from a lot of experience in the dating area, but my guess is that throwing a piece of wadded up paper at a girl in a computer lab in order to catch her attention is not the best tactic for getting a date. This especially fails when you miss her altogether and your throw actually comes up short of your target, which happened just now. Furthermore, bending down to retrieve it near her rear is probably not the best way to start a conversation. It is kind of creepy.

Your conversation after these actions was also pretty dismal. Saying, "oh, ha ha, I just threw a piece of paper at you BUT I MISSED YOU and had to just pick it up" may not have impressed her a lot. I know this because she said, "yeah, I was wondering who was throwing things around me" after you started the conversation.

Maybe next time you should try throwing a candy bar or even a thoughtful note in her direction. I think that in general, launching trash at a girl does not get you a date.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More pictures from Spring Break

Do not get alarmed--David and I did not really get married. We just visited the Bellagio wedding chapel and Amy made us take these pictures.
These are the Bellagio fountains. We also flew to California mid-week:

It was pretty amazing--we spent two days on the beach.

Right now David and I are having a contest--I am trying not to talk for an hour and he is trying his best to get me to speak. So far, he has played really annoying songs and sang to them, had a friend call me, and attempted to have regular conversations with me. I only have about 19 minutes left before I win the bet. The prize is a foot massage every day for the next week. I can't wait for my great foot massages!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring break pictures, part 1

Here are some pictures from my spring break. Our first stop was Las Vegas, where we met my friends Colleen, Julie, Amy, Scott, Melissa, and Lauren. Above is a picture of me and Amy at my first slot machine! I was actually lucky because, even though I gambled, I did not really lose a lot of money. This is the Paris casino, my favorite:
Amy, Colleen, Julie, and me:
The famous Bellagio fountains:
We saw "Time to Say Good-bye" at night, which was so amazing. I loved watching the fountains. This is the ceiling of the Bellagio lobby:
I loved Vegas so much: it was sooo much fun. I loved seeing all of the casinos! I really want to go back already because it was so much fun. I will post more later, but I have homework to do tonight, unfortunately.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Spring break, part deux

Today we went shopping for my registry. Some people have fun picking out tons of things and scanning them with the little laser scanner, but this is a much harder task for me and David. If I see another laser gun thingy I am probably going to go nuts. Do you see a pattern here? That pattern should be that we, as a couple, are unable to make decisions. We are pretty lucky that we decided to get married because there was probably a very big chance that we would have been dating until we were 90, since we cannot decide on anything.

My mantra is that we should get things that are nice, functional, and will last us for a long time. David's mantra is that we should register for things that will "add color to our house". He does not understand why we need to register for things like a nice vase, since we can buy it for $1 or so at Target. So then we both just kind of stare at each other in the store. We need a registering counselor.

We have compromised on a lot of things, and were actually able to pick our our china really easily. I have figured out that the best way to make decisions about the registry is to pick out three or four items (like red china, blue china, or green china) and then let David make the final decision. We have decided on our china and bedding this way. It works. Maybe we should accept that the laser scanner thing is just too stressful for us and let ourselves sleep on everything and update online.

I will probably not update for a week or so, as it is my spring break. Have a great first full week of March!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Spring break

This past week was our mid-term week. Luckily, I did not have too much going on as far as mid-terms are concerned, but I got sick yesterday with the sniffles. That made coming home with no work to complete very rewarding. Tonight I ate fish fry take-out at Cindy's with my brother, his girlfriend, and my cousin Patrick, and just now I took a bath. I am definitely in my spring break relaxing mode.

My hardest mid-term was actually probably Ballroom Dancing last night. Our teacher told us that we could have extra credit if we dressed up for the test, so I dressed in a bright red dress that I got in Greece last year. So, basically the picture should have been like that song "Lady in Red" where the guy is dancing with a Lady in Red and everything goes gracefully. Ummm.

When we got to the test, David and I were both nervous because we had to dance in front of the entire class. We decided to practice in the hallway until it was our turn, but the stress was really getting to us. We both said some things that we regret. Names were called. Shoes were thrown. One of us cried.

I'm really joking, but it was pretty nerve-wrecking. Neither of us were really in the game and at one point David said something to me like, "Honey, please don't step on my foot" and I said (please note that my throat was hurting and I was about to dance in front of a large group of people), "Well, David, I am not going to be able to unlearn it five minutes before the test! I will probably just end up doing it anyway. We are going to have to deal with this!! I do not know how to NOT step on your foot!"

Also, I have been having a problem in this class with letting the guy lead. Some of my dance partners have commented on my attempting to lead them, and I do not know how to fix this, but when the partner is just dancing back and forth, honestly, it gets a little boring. I just try to mix it up for everybody by doing some turns. However, for this test, I was not allowed to lead. I was being tested on my following skills. This made everything extra hard.

When the test began, we did our cha-cha. We did pretty well (except during the chase scene, where we are supposed to have train arms and wheel them around in circles and instead David decided to emulate scissors and made chopping motions). We also did okay on our waltz, but the swing dance was a complete disaster. This was because we kept getting off-beat and I would get nervous and shoot David flash eyes indicating that I was nervous as a result and he kept getting more nervous. We kind of bombed one of our moves, so David, attempting to get a good grade, decided to do the move again because he "wanted to show the teacher that we could do it!" This would have worked out if we could, indeed, do the move. Instead we kind of bombed it twice.

To make a long story short (except I have not made this short at all), we were both laughing by the end of the dance. Hopefully the extra credit we are supposedly getting will enhance our grade, and needless to say, we probably will not be featured on So You Think You Can Dance?. Even with all of our goofs, David is still my favorite dance partner.