Wednesday, January 24, 2007


This week has been pretty busy so far. I have begun to get more work for all my classes, and I have figured out that I have a lot of reading to do this semester. Right now I am in a Bronte sisters class, and for this class alone I have at least one hundred pages per class period to read. This will definitely be good practice for when I am in law school and have more than that for each class!

The good thing is that I am still less busy than I was last semester. I am enjoying having less work to do for my final semester here...I feel like I can enjoy my friends and college life a lot more when there is less schoolwork!

Right now I am getting ready to go work out. David and I have been training for another triathlon (kind of)...we spend 13 minutes on a bike machine and 15 minutes running almost every day. We have also begun playing basketball together. We play 1-on-1 and SMAX, a game that is similar to PIG or HORSE, only with the letters of my late cat's name. I usually win, unless there is a good reason, like that David does not accept my liberal interpretation of what actually counts as points (i.e. when I shoot, if the ball touches the backboard or the rim, it counts).

Saturday, January 20, 2007


This weekend I have been consumed by Weffriddles, to which my friend Amy introduced me. They are so addicting...they are little riddles and games that you have to figure out to advance to the next level. There are seventy levels, and I am only on level 22.

Here is an example of one:

Hey, bee, seedy... Ee! Effigy! Hey, Chai jay, kay? _, ehh... Men, no peek, you! Arrest he, you vee'd! Uh, bull, you, weck's wise, see?

Do you see the answer? If you do, you could go to the next level.

Today was a visit day so I had to get up early and give a tour. I always say something stupid on my tours and today I told the parents and high school students that there are no rules in the dorms. I stammered, "I have lived in the dorms all four years of my college life. I like it a lot...there really aren't any major rules...I mean they are laid back...oh I mean there are not any rules..."

I decided it might be best to quit talking at that point.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

St. Augustine

Right now David and I are taking medieval philosophy, and reading On Free Choice of the Will by St. Augustine. I love the class because I love philosophy, and also because David stepped out of his box and took one of my major classes with me. After class ended on the first day, he declared, "this class is going to tear me limb from limb!" and I felt sorry for him. However, after he has been in the class for a week, I think he has begun to enjoy the subject. Sometimes he seems lost when everybody in the class laughs at jokes about Plato and Aristotle:

Professor: Yeah, it is almost like those dudes in the allegory of the cave!

Class: Hahahahahhaa!

David (five seconds later, and after looking around): Ha...ha...

(Don't worry...he gets me back when he tells accounting jokes.) It is really funny being both Catholic and in the class: looking at Augustine in a more scholarly setting versus a religious setting is interesting. For instance, our teacher described Augustine as "auditing a cult" when he was into Manicheism. A website about the saints states that he was extremely lost; and as a result, his mother is the patron saint of disappointing children.

The work is pretty hilarious. There are two characters: Evodius and Augustine. Evodius is like Augustine's college buddy and they discuss important matters, such as the role of free will in the universe and why humans have it. It is funny, though, because Augustine basically shoots down most of what his buddy has to say. At one point, his friend pleads to Augustine:

I wish that you would take over the argument, for I cannot keep my thoughts in order in the face of your attack! David and I say that to each other (but mostly him to me).

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Deal or no deal

So last night David and I are sitting on the couch, doing homework and watching TV. Julie and I always watch Sex and the City, and when we turned on the TV, we saw that the game show Deal or No Deal was playing. The lady on the show had opened all but four of the boxes, and after watching a round or two the banker gave an offer to buy the box. It was something like $377,000. Pretty soon after that, I heard David say, "ohhhhhhhh!" and I looked over and he had his calculator showing that amount.

We started playing a game where David, the guy studying to be an actuary, predicted what the banker would offer based on the expected value or something. He guessed it pretty well every time. I was amazed and asked him how he did it. He was like, "well, of course you take the number of boxes divided by six and then add thirteen to get the elephant ear and then a leopard comes along and attacks the antelope which scares the giraffe." Okay, maybe I wasn't listening very well.

He also knew the probability that she would have the million dollars in her box, which was something like 66%, he kept figuring out statistically what the player should do next. I guess that I am saying that I know and am marrying a guy who can win game shows. This will come in pretty handy when he appears on Deal or No Deal. Imagine an actuary being on that show. It would be so boring. Here would be the conversation of the actuary and that announcer guy:

Actuary (pushing his glasses up his nose): Yes, I think that I should not take this deal, since there is a 77% chance that the money is in my box. I could possibly get $400,000 on my next offer, based on the expected value of the outcome. I figured this by calculating the number of boxes versus the digits on my fingers and toes. Then I multiplied everything in my head and ate a sandwich. Hehehehehe.

Announcer (along with the rest of America): Um, yeah. Just pick the next box.

I think the ideal would be to get me on that show and have David as one of my friends. I would do whatever he would tell me and still give him half the money, I suppose.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


This week we started classes again. It is so weird for me to be starting a Spring semester here because I feel like I should be getting ready to go abroad. Right now I am really missing being overseas, being able to travel whenever I wish, seeing new places, and having new experiences all the time. However, I know that in about six months, I will get to start a new adventure by getting married and going to law school.

My classes are going well so far. My most interesting classes are definitely my dance classes. Ballet is funny because everybody is required to wear a leotard and tights. Therefore, there are about fifteen girls all attempting to do ballet stretches in pink tights and black leotards. I love it! It makes me feel about seven years old again, from when I took ballet lessons with my friends. My main problems are my posture and my remembering in what order to do the stretches. My back seems to arch pretty much, so during all these exercises, I have to hold my stomach and rib cage in so that my back is a little straighter. I always forget to do something, like suck in my stomach, hold up my arms, or bend down in the stretch, but hopefully I will get better soon.

Ballroom dancing with David was fun last night, but there are about forty people in that class, which makes it really crowded and the instruction not very personalized. Our teacher is a very good dancer, however, so I am still excited about the class. Irish dancing is pretty much the same as last semester, except that I got a pleasant surprise when my friend Josh strolled into class on the first day. He is taking the class with me and David now with another of our friends, Asia. I think that will make the class even more fun!

Friday, January 05, 2007

My wedding dress!

Yesterday I made a sneak trip to St. Louis and found my wedding dress. Colleen, my friend, went with me to two wedding dress shops. I have become sort of an expert on wedding dress shops during this engagement, as I have been to eight different stores. Some girls try on one dress and are like, "that is the one!" I am definitely not one of those girls.

There are two kinds of wedding dress shops. The first kind (and in my experience, the most common) are those that let you browse and pick out your own dresses to try. The second are the ones that have salespeople who meet you at the door and really do not let you browse their selection, but ask you a bunch of questions and bring you dresses that fit your description of The Perfect Dress. The place where I bought my dress yesterday is an example of the second kind of shop, and also my favorite, although it can be a little scary at times. I really annoy these salespeople because I am so indecisive.

The lady: What kind of dress do you want?
Me (very proudly because I actually do have some ideas): Not strapless, something that can be hemmed, and I've been leaning toward a full skirt.
The lady: You can't do a full skirt! That will DROWN YOU OUT! YOU WILL GET LOST! FOLLOW ME!
Me (very timidly because now I am scared of the yelling lady): I'm coming!

The lady was extremely helpful and actually found my perfect dress so I am glad that she knew what she was doing, although she was slightly scary. I am so much more excited about planning the wedding now that my wedding dress is selected! Today I did a ton of research and am even having bridesmaid dress color swatches mailed to me. Two days ago I avoided talking about bridesmaid dress colors at all costs! Now I am happy that one of my big decisions is decided.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Last night David and I cooked a New Year's dinner for a bunch of our good friends. It was a lot of fun preparing the dinner and the company was also very enjoyable. I got to hear all about my roommate Julie's trip to Rome and see a lot of people who I have missed over break. After that, we all went to Colleen's house for the midnight countdown. Overall, it was a great New Year's. Here is the cake my friend Julie made:A lot of stuff has happened to me over the past year. I studied abroad at the beginning of the year and completed my internship over the summer. This fall, I completed my Capstone paper and applied to law schools. Most importantly, I got engaged to David. I am so excited about our wedding this year and starting my life after Truman with him. I hope your 2007 year is a happy and healthy year. Happy New Year!