Wednesday, August 30, 2006


This fall is especially funny because I enjoy watching the freshmen at my school. This year they seem funnier because I am a senior and think I know everything.
The freshmen create lines in the cafeteria incorrectly. They are extremely inefficient when putting their trays away. They do not understand how to sneak food out of the cafeteria and so they inevitably get caught. They are also all skinny. Very, very skinny. We laugh because pretty soon they will gain weight from the scrumptious cafeteria food just like all of us.
The freshmen are also naively bold. Last weekend David and I were eating in the cafeteria and suddenly three freshmen sat down at our table when there were empty tables all around us. "Can we join you?" they asked. After about three weeks at a university, one knows not to just sit at another person's table unless all the tables in the cafeteria are full. However, these guys had only been at college for a week. "We're going to Thousand Island State Park today," they said (the state park is call Thousand Hills State Park). We laughed at the thought that their excursion might include some salad dressing. The boys were eating with goofy table manners and sloshing salad dressing everywhere. They were overwhelmed by the huge selection of cafeteria food.
Even though these freshmen are supposed to be dorky, I have grown to appreciate them. I wish that I had the nerve to sit at somebody else's table in the cafeteria if I were alone. Instead, I usually bring a book because I feel like I would be bothering others. Some people I know are so terrified of eating alone that they will just not eat if the situation arises. These guys had the guts to sit at our table, start a conversation, and make fools of themselves. We enjoyed their company. In about a month, they will know not to sit at a table with new people, and that makes me sad.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First week of classes

This week is my first week of classes. Today I had Irish Celli Dance, and am very excited about that class now. David is taking it with me and we are learning how to dance traditionally to Irish music. It was really funny because I have serious problems following an instructor during any exercise class (like aerobics). My steps were completely off, but I think I had improved a lot by the end of the class.
Have I mentioned that we have a bathtub in my new apartment? It is so wonderful because I prefer taking baths instead of showers.
I have homework to do tonight, so I better to back to studying. Ciao!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Playing Scrabble

Tonight David and I checked Scrabble out from the dorm and played for a while. Playing with David is not very fair because he accepts his so-called slang terms such as "yo" but gets mad at me when I try to add on the word and make "rentyo", meaning "This looks like a good movie to rent, dude." He claims that he has never heard of "rentyo". What constitutes a slang term? Isn't it just a word that someone on the street makes up and starts to use? From now on, I am using the word "rentyo" in everyday conversation.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Senior Year

Since I am about to start my senior year of college, I thought it would be appropriate to revisit some old photographs from my freshman year.

I had a great freshman year of college. My floor was a lot of fun and my friends were all great.
When we were freshman, we used to play Trivial Pursuit all the time for fun. I had forgotten how much fun it is to play that game. Now my friends and I hardly ever play.
Sometimes the game got pretty competitive. Here is a picture of me with my freshman roommates, Julie and Colleen, after buying new couches for our dorm room. We had lots of room and we bought them really cheaply from a girl who was graduating:Here is another picture of us girls jumping off a bench at school. That afternoon, we decided to take a lot of pictures of ourselves around campus and my friend Amy was the photographer. I am still very good friends with my freshman roommates. In fact, tomorrow I am moving back in with Julie.
This picture is from Labor Day weekend of my freshman year. A lot of people went home that weekend, but I stayed and made some really fun friends. We went to Wal-Mart for fun one Friday night and took our picture with this huge piece of chocolate:During the second semester of my freshman year, I met David. Here is a picture of him around the time we met:Haha. Finally, to top off the ton of fun we had doing really random stuff around the dorm and Kirksville, here is a video of my holding Kermit the Frog and making him dance to "Caribbean Amphibian". We did some wild and crazy things freshman year. Haha.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wanna give me a medal? Forget about it!

Today the Fields Medal, the Nobel Prize of the Mathematical world, was awarded to four people. One of the dudes refused his award and the $1 million that went with it (Dr. Perelman). You can see a picture of him on the left. How can one not accept something like the Fields Medal? If I get a participation medal for an event, I get excited. At any rate, congratulations to him and all the winners for their hard work.

I think it would be so cool to be a mathematician and solve problems that have been haunting thousands of people for centuries. Dr. Perelman worked on the Poincaré conjecture and found a way to smooth surfaces using spheres (or something like that). Remember that guy, Andrew Wiles, who solved Fermat's Last Theorem? I remember almost crying when we watched a movie about him in my college calc class. It was so cool: he set out to prove something and finally reached his goal. What a neato!

This semester, I have to create a thesis for my Senior Capstone class here at Truman. Right now, I am very excited about my general topic, which might involve Ancient Mathematics and Ancient Science. I find the subjects so interesting; last semester I took a History of Science class and absolutely loved it. I will keep you updated as my topic evolves. For now, I need to go study for the LSAT.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Say hello to my little friend

While I was in Prague, I ate a ton of Nutella. At first, I did not enjoy it very much because I found it to be too rich. However, I found another off-brand hazelnut spread that included swirls of marshmallow cream at a discount grocery store and became addicted (as some of you know). I ate 750 ml of the stuff in three days. That is a lot of Nutella going through my body.

Before I left, I ate a ton of the stuff because I had never seen it in the United States and wanted to enjoy it as much as possible. This weekend, all of this changed.

David and I decided to go to Aldi on Saturday because we wanted to make cookie dough and chocolate chips are really cheap there. We had just finished training for the triathlon/sputtering in the water in Thousand Hills Lake, so we just used David's change in his car to pay for the chips. I found a discarded plastic bag in the backseat of his car and used it to take about $2 worth of change in the store.

Once we got in the store, though, we kept seeing food that we wanted to buy. Seriously, where else can you get noodles for fifty cents? Aldi is like the best store on the planet. Since we needed more money, we headed back to the car. By "headed" I mean that we skipped in jubilation through the parking lot. Unfortunately, my plastic bag full of money broke at this moment, and all the coins crashed on the ground. We looked so dorky because we were so excited about cheap food that we were skipping, we had only change with which to pay, and it was all over the parking lot.

In the end, we got more change and went back inside. It was at this point that I saw it: my glorious and yummy hazelnut and marshmallow spread. I gasped and pointed. David said, "oh no" because he knew how excited I would act. I am so glad that I found that great food in America! Finding it at Aldi makes it even better because that entire jar was so cheap! David even likes it on fruits, so now we are both addicted. What a great weekend adventure.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Scream Ice

Tonight David and I ended up getting ice cream from a local place. It was so tasty. I got a heath concrete with a tunnel of caramel through the middle.
The funny part of our ice cream excursion occurred in the restaurant. The workers had some homemade chips set out for samples on the main counter. Of course, David and I dug in because, even though we were not that hungry for chips, we could not allow an opportunity for free food to pass. Halfway through eating the chips, David mused that perhaps they were actually someone's discarded meal waiting to be cleaned. At this point, we looked around and noticed that most of the other customers were staring at us. Oops.


I am so excited that it is Friday. Tomorrow David and I will train for a triathlon that we plan to complete in the fall. Our triathlon consists of a 3/4-mile swimming, an 18 mile bike ride, and a 5 mile run. I am pretty excited about the race. Our training plan includes swimming at the lake tomorrow and riding our bikes around Kirksville. This house also needs to be cleaned in preparation of other people arriving next week. I am excited to start school again, but this summer has just been so relaxing that I want it to last a long time.
Yesterday David got a study book for his first actuary exam. He has to take the exam as a step in becoming an actuary, which is what he wants to be when he grows up. After picking it up from the library, he exclaimed, "You can help me study!" No way, Jose. I have to start studying for the LSAT, which I will take in September. We agreed to study for an hour each day together. Haha--we'll see how that works. Tonight I am going to suggest that we go get ice cream instead.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

New video

Sarah did a video on her blog, so I wanted to give one a try. This video is from the top of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Yesterday I thought of how much I miss being in Europe.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

You can just call me Emeril

Yesterday I went crazy in the kitchen and made a ton of recipes. We had a lot of leftover zucchini, so I made two loaves of zucchini bread. Our friend Josh, who leaves the room when a green vegetable is present, even ate a piece.
Here is a picture of the shredded zucchini before being heated to 350 degrees for an hour:

And here is a picture of my bread:After that was over, I decided to make salsa. This would have been good except I did not really follow a recipe for the stuff and instead created one in my own head. The salsa is really good, but it does not have a lot of heat. Next time I will try to use more peppers.
We bought such beautiful tomatoes at the farmer's market here in Kirksville on Saturday. We got 6 for a dollar and then the guy threw in two extra for free! The rest were from my grandma.

Here is the finished salsa:

And finally, here is a picture of someone reaping the benefits of my cutting tomatoes for an hour:
We are having such a nice summer. In two weeks all the students will move back and invade our space. I love being here in the summer when the town is not full of people.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

A bat!

Last night David and I went for a run. When we got back, he walked to get the mail and I walked with him. We returned only to find that a bat had flown into the house and had started circling around our heads!

I saw the creature first, yelped, and ran into the living room and covered myself with couch cushions. Good reaction. I suppose that I thought the bat would ignore the scared girl yelping under the cushions. Of course, it followed me into the living room and was about to attack me when David came to the rescue by throwing my LSAT book at the nocturnal nemesis. That brought the bat down and he released it back into its natural habitat, which is not in this house, the stinking bat!

After all that excitement, David made me watch Back to the Future. After about twenty minutes, I looked at him in disbelief because he always chatters about how it is one of his favorite movies. He kept saying, "Just wait! It will get better, I promise." I suppose it got a little better, but it is definitely not up to The Godfather caliber. After the movie, he said, "I guess it is better the second time you see it." That usually means, "I am just beginning to realize that this movie is bad and I am trying to make excuses for acting like this movie was ever good." Maybe it is one of those movies that just does not have the same effect if you did not experience it during your youth and in the 1980s.

Today I worked a half day and then we rode our bikes for a long time. We ended up on a blacktop just outside of the town and saw a lot of beautiful houses. The exercise was great, and afterwards, we stopped for ice cream.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Today we got an early out at work, so I just woke up from a great little nap. Tonight should be a quiet Friday night because I will work again tomorrow for just the morning.

Last night David came and brought me these flowers! I was pretty surprised and excited. Now they are pretty on the kitchen table. We also watched the TV version of Little House on the Prairie last night. Mary was having a pretty hard time in the show. This is what happened to her:
1. She and her blind husband traveled on a stagecoach so he could accept the award (the plot was happy at this point).
2. A bit of camerawork foreshadowed that doom was about to take over the scene when it panned in and out from the coach wheel.
3. The stagecoach's wheel broke.
4. The stagecoach tumbled over and over down a hill.
5. Mary's husband was pinned under the coach.
6. Another passenger in the coach went into labor because she was pregnant.
7. Mary had to save the day, so she decided to hike back to the main road.
8. Unfortunately, she fell, her glasses fell off, caught some grass on fire, and she was surrounded in flames.
9. Luckily, Pa happened to be traveling by just at that moment, and he saved the day.
David made fun of the show, but I love it because, as you can see, it provides plenty of drama and always has a happy evening. Even if Pa is hardly in an episode, he always pops in and saves the day at the end.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The past weekend

This weekend was quite a whirlwind. On Friday I arrived home and had a great supper with my parents and Cindy. Then on Saturday morning, I went to David's grandpa's funeral, which was sad but very nice. A lot of people showed up to show their support to their family.

David's family had their annual Fireworks party on Saturday. I had my annual crazy shaking breakdown while playing "The Star-Spangled Banner" on the violin. My parents went to the party, and that made my nervousness subside a little. Still, my knees kept bonking together during the performance. Perhaps I should utilize that reaction and start a percussion section.

Sunday was a really, really relaxing day as I went to my grandparents' house and then hung around my own house. I certainly enjoyed my time at home. Finally, on Monday and Tuesday, I went back to St. Louis and did some sightseeing with David's family. We went to Crown Candy Kitchen, the City Museum, and the Magic House. David and I met with my parents, cousin Emily, and Aunt Carol for dinner at Bahama Breeze on Tuesday evening. After being so busy for a few days, we arrived back in Kirksville last night and I resumed my happily sedate lifestyle.

I bet you want to see some pictures of David's adorable niece, Emma, who I saw for the first time in too many months this weekend. You would get to see these pictures if only I had not forgotten my camera for the entire weekend. Therefore, I am leaving you with a cute picture of her that is stashed on my computer.
Sweet Emma had about 10 adults doting over her all weekend. We even fought over could hold her! What a lucky girl.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Abbie the Cat Has A Posse

Have you ever wondered why my website's address isn't It is because that website belongs to a cat. Yes, a cat. Please meet Abbie the cat, who has his own blog, and writes somewhat regularly.
This is funny because I love cats, and really do not care that my name has been taken up by someone acting like a cat and writing a blog. Oops, I'm is actually Abbie the Cat writing the blog. Here is an excerpt from one of Abbie's poems:

i was sistting in the room minding my own business
as I often do very nicely
and then there was ak nock on the door and she said
oh hello abbie you sh ould come out there is someone you should meet
so I went out and lo and behold

If you really want to read the rest of the poem, you need to visit

His newest post is about Mythology, which is a big part of my major. Abbie and I seem to share a lot of interests:

Todfay I am going to tell you where things vcame from
things come from Mythiology
that is the study of where things came from
as you can probably guess we spend a lot of time asking ourselves these questions
I know I do

It is actually sad that I really, really enjoy this website. I love reading the poems, and since I love cats so much, I think it is hilarious. I wonder if this means that I am part of Abbie The Cat's Posse?

Friday, August 04, 2006


Today I arrived back at my house. As always, it is great to be home for a visit. I am actually kind of worried because I washed a load of laundry that included a really, really, stinky towel that had not been washed in many days. Now the dryer kind of smells like the towel and I am hoping that my entire load isn't ruined.
Tomorrow I will leave my house and attend David's grandpa's funeral mass. After that, I will hang with his family until their Fireworks party. I am playing "The Star Spangled Banner" at this event and am somewhat anxious because last year a dog started to howl along with my instrument. I'll keep you updated on how the song goes this year.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The weekend

Tomorrow I am leaving town and going home. I am certainly excited to see my family but sad because David's grandpa's funeral is on Saturday morning. My brother is picking me up tomorrow and I will be glad to catch up with him.

I have been on an exercise kick since I moved back to Kirksville. This is mostly because I like to eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and I have to exercise in order to not be one gazillion pounds. My new plan is to walk to and from work every day instead of riding a bike. Does anybody know if walking is better exercise than riding a bike? Tonight David and I rode our bikes to Wal-Mart, which is pretty far but worth not using the gas. Hopefully we will make similar trips in the future.

I have to work tomorrow, which is actually really fun because two of my co-workers are pregnant! I am sooo excited for the arrivals of their babies. Right now they are waiting to find out the sex of their children. I hope one has a boy and one has a girl for the sake of variety, but as long as everybody is healthy it really will not matter. In case you did not know, I love babies and weddings. Therefore, whenever anyone is getting married or having a baby, I will definitely listen to their excited rambles.

I better go to sleep now. I hope you all have an excellent weekend!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sad day

Today was a sad day because David's grandpa died last night of Lou Gehrig's disease. I remember when I first heard about his diagnosis while I was in Poland this past spring--I didn't even really know anything about the disease. We got to see him about two weeks ago for David's birthday lunch. He seemed like a very nice man, and I know that he was adored by David's family.

Tonight David and I rode our bikes for a long time. My bike has a slight problem: last week a part that holds the chain onto the bike just fell apart. Now the bike is parked at my work and I do not really know what to do with it--hopefully I can find a cheap bike somewhere that actually has breaks.

Another (not so) interesting piece of information is that my neighbors are moving out of their house. This makes me sad because they had cats that I liked to pet and now they are gone. Cats are my favorite animals and after the death of my poor kitty Smax, I rarely get chances to make feline friends. Someday I will maybe write a post about Smax. He was a great cat.
For now, I better head to bed.