Friday, June 23, 2006

Whose Wedding is it Anyway?

This week I have been hooked on a TV show called Whose Wedding is it Anyway? It is on right after I get home from work and in the early evenings, when I am on the internet chatting with my friends, and I always have it on in the background. Let me tell you something: the people in this show are crazy. Today the bride started freaking out about red ants attacking her during the wedding, and the planner sprayed about a gallon of bug spray on her and the bridesmaids. In other wedding action, these people hired an ice sculptor, failed to pay them, so the ice sculpture melted quickly throughout the reception.

Don't worry...I am not wasting away my hours in Washington watching these shows. Tomorrow I will meet some Truman people and visit the National Gallery. On Sunday we will all attend a barbeque festival! That will probably be pretty yummy, and I am excited.


kisa said...

Those wedding people are psychos. The National Gallery is such a cool place! I wonder if the BBQ festival will be featured on the Food Network...

rosemary85 said...

When you go to the BBQ Festival--stop by the Verizon booth with the white tent and see Jason.
He should be there ----if not ask Erin--his travel partner--- where he is and catch up with him later--maybe he was away at lunch.

really freak him out and give him a hug and tell him that it's from his MOM!