Thursday, June 01, 2006


This week I continue my life in the District of Columbia. My internship is still going very well and I love living in the city. Yesterday I went to a meeting of people who are trying to pass a voting rights bill through congress. The bill is really a continuation of the bill passed in the 1960s and again in the 1980s (the bill expires after 25 years, and should be renewed soon). Today the entire office went out to lunch at a seminary cafeteria!

I think I saw President Bush yesterday. I walked out of the meeting and onto the sidewalk and suddenly, sirens started blaring and an entourage of black SUVs followed police cars. I tried looking through the windows but they were tinted. I'm sure it was President Bush because the White House was just a few blocks away. He must have been going to the grocery store.

Right now I am watching the National Spelling Bee. I just realized that I should have gotten tickets for the event. I am happy that it is finally getting national T.V. time-- it is fun to watch! I am the worst speller ever, but for some reason, I was always in the school spelling bee when I was little. I remember that my dad used to quiz me on spelling to prepare for the bee. One time my mom got me and my friends (who were also in the bee) rabbit feet key chains for good luck. I am so excited that a girl will win! I hope she gets to meet the President tomorrow. The National Spelling Bee is definitely not an insignificant event.

This weekend I will try to post some pictures. Tomorrow I will meet some Truman people and walk around the monuments, and on Saturday we will go to the Smithsonian museums.


Kathy said...

Oh, Abbie, what a life you have! Your life back in Kirksville will seem insignificant by comparison.

kisa said...

Being in an official spelling bee must be cool. It certainly isn't an insignificant accomplishment, no matter what place one finishes.

David's grandma said...

I watched the spelling bee last night and really enjoyed it. I was glad a girl won too.

mama ro said...

Jason is in the Northeast this summer and fall. He was just there over Memorial Day. I'm sure he will be back again for another festival. You will have to look for him at the Verizon tent.

Hope you have a great time in Washington, D.C,

Ijust saw Akeelah and the Bee movie--it was great--you should see it sometime!