Sunday, June 18, 2006

This weekend

This weekend was pretty fun. On Friday night David and I discovered that we could play games together online, like Scrabble and chess. Naturally we got addicted. I also ran with my friend Tyler who lives a few blocks from me for the summer (he also goes to Truman). We ran for almost two hours! It was so funny because we ran on a trail and climbed some stairs. It was near sunset and all of a sudden Tyler got a really scared look on his face and quit running. Of course, I got really scared as well until I saw what caused such a ruckus--a little doe, which was standing ahead of us in the middle of the path. Luckily, we were able to scare it away using very strategic stomping and yelping techniques.

On Saturday a group of Truman people met and we explored the zoo. I had organized the trip just so I could see a panda and was so excited! I kept talking about the pandas on the way to the zoo and at the zoo. Now, for your enjoyment, I have a great picture of our view of the pandas. Are you excited? Here it is:

We saw this loser elephant instead:

Just so you know, if you have been to the St. Louis Zoo, you might not want to bother going to other zoos because they may be somewhat of a disappointment. When I was little, I went to zoo camps a lot during the summer, which were way fun, so I think that I am somewhat spoiled with my expectations for zoos. Oh well.

People are so funny at zoos. There were a lot of families because of Father's Day today, and some people narrate the animals' actions. For instance, when we observed the elephant, some guy watched him play with a ball and was like, "HAHAHAHA that is just TOO funny." Hahaha. Then we saw prairie dogs and there were about three running around in the cage. A little girl screamed to her mom, "MOM! There are like five million prairie dogs in here!" It was so cute. A little boy saw the prairie dogs and said, "Chipmunk?" to his mommy. He was the sweetest kid.


kisa said...

That stinks about the zoo. You should have snuck around and tried to find where those pandas were hidden. I love playing Scrabble and chess with you!

Mr B said...

I happen to have pictures of the pandas from when I visited the National Zoo. If you would like to have copies, let me know.

rosemary85 said...

We---Richie and I were at the St. Louis zoo on Father's Day too. Be sure to go and see the baby giraffe that was born about a month ago and he is sooooooo cute!

Glad you are having a great time in D.C.