Monday, June 19, 2006

the mystery

My internship is pretty cool, and I am really glad I ended up working at FairVote. The people there are so awesome and the office is pretty laid-back, and I am learning a lot about different voting issues and solutions to voting problems. For instance, I never knew that a Secretary of State was really important, and could potentially determine the outcome of elections based on his or her rules and regulations. I am also learning a lot about ice cream.

Last week the office sent out a huge mass mailing, and the interns and workers folded, stamped, and labled about 10,300 letters. Some of you may say, "pshaw, that is not really that many letters," but if you are one of those people, you are wrong. The entire office worked on this project from Monday until Thursday all day long. Luckily, Marisa and I were sent to the conference and we got out of every day but Thursday. Needless to say, Thursday was a looonnnnggg day.

After going around the room and saying our favorite color, food, and movie (per my request, which was actually a good get-to-know-you game, and Marisa even said today that she learned a little bit about herself during those hours), one of the bosses promised us ice cream. This was like promising light to those who only know darkness. To make a not-so-long story short, we were excited.

Of course, Marisa and I volunteered to buy the ice cream with another guy, and while at the store we decided that no less than 9 tubs of ice cream were sufficient for the 12 people left in the office. After getting back, gorging out on ice cream so much that we were all laying on the floor, and inviting other offices to partake in the yummy ice cream eating, we had 5 containers left. As my mother once said, "nifty is thrifty," so I volunteered to combine all the leftovers and stick them in the freezer, like so:

Unfortunately, the next day, another intern and I attempted to eat the ice cream for dessert, but everything was melted! The freezer was not cold enough to keep the ice cream frozen, and so we ended up with melted goo for a snack. We turned down the freezer and hoped it would harden by today.

Today my boss walked in the office and someone had unplugged the fridge over the weekend, which completely ruined everything. I can only conclude that someone in that office does not want us to enjoy the leftover ice cream.


kisa said...

Maybe rival voting reform organizations are trying to keep you from enjoying your treat, hoping that you will lose your resolve and quit your job.

Kathy said...

Oh, Abbie, I was laughing out loud! Did your mom learn "Thrifty is nifty" or vice versa from Pinchpenny Mouse?