Sunday, June 25, 2006

My other roommate

Please let me introduce you to Sydney. Sydney is another of my roommates. She has been Karla's dog for nine years, and has hated me for the two years that she's known me. There is no reason to feel sorry for me, though, because I definitely do not enjoy small and yippy dogs (I am a huge cat person). That pretty much hindered my relationship with Sydney because being small and yippy is her specialty.

Lately, however, Miss Sydney has grown to like me a little more, and I have realized some good things about her. For instance, she is about the size of a cat. She is the perfect size for carrying and she also snuggles with me during our afternoon nap times. Hmmmm....she also licks me like a cat...I guess that is where the good qualities end (I'm just kidding).

We really bonded last week when she grew scared at a thunderstorm. I cuddled her and tried to make her feel better. After that, she let me hold her and pet her for a long period of time. Now she is sitting under my chair and chilling out. We have a much better relationship now, and we even take naps together every single day! I am happy that I made such a good friend.


kisa said...

It is a good thing that you are making such potentially lifelong, beneficial connections on your interning trip.

Sarah said...

Awww, she is really cute. I'm glad you two are starting to get past your differences!