Thursday, June 08, 2006


Tonight I went with the YCM group to see Mame at the Kennedy Center. This musical was so adorable. I absolutely loved the costumes, dancing, songs, and story. It may be one of my favorite musicals ever!

Tonight was my last night with Uncle Bob, Michael, and Patrick. I will miss hanging out with them in the evenings. It has been very enjoyable visiting with them.


kisa said...

Mame sounds pretty exciting. I should dust it off and watch it again, since I haven't seen it in years.

Anonymous said...

You just have too much fun. How will you ever settle in Kirksville for a dull school year?
Have a great time. Be safe.

Kathy said...

Did you know that David's dad played Young Patrick in Mame during his freshman year at St. Dominic? He was as cute as can be!
What a fortunate coincidence that the local Young Catholic Musicians were in Washington DC when you are there.