Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The conference

This week FairVote is participating in a conference. Me and my intern buddy, Marisa, have been womaning the table during the days:

The conference is teaching us many things, like how to teach people about the issues FairVote addresses and how to gank juices.

These juices were hidden under a tablecloth, which the workers would not remove because they were off watching the World Cup. After subtly dropping hints that we wanted some juice by wandering around the display for a half an hour, we finally just walked up and got some juice. This started a trend; people from all sorts of tables started to grab some juice as well. I guess we are also learning how to be leaders who enact changes in the system.

Tomorrow Barack Obama is speaking at the closing luncheon. We both really, really want to see him (everybody says he is an excellent speaker), but neither Marisa nor I actually have passes to this conference, so we might not get to go. I will keep you updated. I am determined to at least get a glimpse of him.


kisa said...

You should use the stealth you utilized in stealing the juice to steal in and watch the speech.

Anonymous said...

I have got to say...WAY TO GO!!
on the juice ganking and on the marathon and on the speech you got to see..even though I have no idea who that person is.
I think my favorite part of all these posts was seeing
way to represent!!!!!
peace out,
love, Rachel