Saturday, June 10, 2006

2753 is #334

Today I ran a 10K (6.2 mile) race called Lawyers Have Heart with some Truman people. It was pretty exciting, as it was my first big race ever. I was number 2753, so there were a ton of people running. I was really nervous at the beginning because I was worried I would get last place. However, once the race started, I was not worried anymore because a lot of people walked. The picture above is not really of me, but I thought it would make the post look cool because you would all think I got first or something.

I ran my first mile in 9:30, which is okay. After that I decided to pick up the pace, so I ran my other miles in about 9 minutes. My last few miles were better than my first three, and I got excited because after I turned around on the course I saw all the people who were still behind me. I was like, "wow, these people are even walking!" Then I even saw a guy juggling and another guy jumping rope and did not feel as cool...those guys juggled and jumped for six miles!

As I neared the finish line, my friend Tyler started to sprint next to me. He kept saying, "Come on, Abbie! You can do it! Pass all of these people!" So I sprinted with him and passed a lot of people. I ended up with a time of 54:56 and in 334th place out of the women. That was pretty exciting for me considering I always got last place in the races in high school!

One thing that helps me run faster is my IPod. I love listening to music while I run. When Johnny Cash's "Burning Ring of Fire" came on, I started to sprint during my last mile. It was like I was burning to finish quickly. Haha.

That was such a horrible pun that I better end this post. The race was so much fun and now I want to try a half-marathon. I loved it!


kisa said...

I'll do a half marathon with you. Good work on running so speedily! I can't even imagine how one would run well while jumping rope.

golfer said...

So proud of you.