Monday, May 22, 2006


Today my family and I traveled to Maryville for my brother's (seen above in the black and gold) first ever college visit. I was not very happy about this because we had to spend a total of 9 hours in the car. However, as my brother pointed out, my family, a cousin and I all drove to Marquette University (in Milwaukee) and then to Notre Dame (in Indiana) for me, so I really did not have room to complain about the drive. It was so weird to tour a campus for Ryan, and it just brought back terrifying memories about my college search. I didn't enjoy visiting schools very much. Maryville reminded me very much of my college town, and so the visit reminded me of my first visit to my college. This is how the day went:
1. We drove two hours to the college against my will and on the hottest day of the year because my mom forced me to visit schools in my state.
2. We spoke with an admissions person.
3. We got orange juice at the student union.
4. We left.
My first visit to my college lasted a total of 45 minutes, because I was sure that I did not want to attend the school. As my senior year progressed, however, it became my best option and now I love it.

Ryan's visit went more smoothly. As we walked on the tour I wondered how much the tour guide was making up on the spot. This is because I am a tour guide at my school, and I have to admit that sometimes I make up some of my tour and say goofy things. When I make up stuff, it is mostly imaginary friends about whom I jabber.

"So, do you know much about the University farm?"
"Sure! One of my friends works there! She gets to ride horses a lot and feeds them. She loves it out there and it is a great experience for her. The horses like apples."

I guess that I'm not really fibbing, because I do have a friend who works on the farm, and I know that one can ride horses out there from going to a horse club meeting with Amy my freshman year (we thought we would ride horses on Saturdays in our spare time).

Sometimes I fail to give the best examples and sound pretty goofy:
"How is the student health center?"
"Great! When my roommate had mono, she went there and got great care."
When I mentioned the word "mono", the parent cringed. Oops.

I also find myself telling really, really bad jokes on the tour. I won't regale you with those today, because I want you to continute reading my blog.

Anyway, the trip today was pretty fun and I think Ryan liked the school, which is important. Tomorrow we have to mow...again.


kisa said...

With all the mowing practice you are getting, you can mow my grass in Kirksville every week!

Jared said...

Hey Abbie! You'll have to tell me all those bad tour jokes and how to make up stuff convincingly. I just recently became a student ambassador. Have a great summer!

Josh said...

Ryan's a stud, look at him about to smash those guys. There better have been blood or I won't be happy.

Abbie, join the JH club! Ask David what it means... and then tell him to read this...