Wednesday, May 17, 2006

On the right track

My brother's athletic banquet was last night. He came back with several awards, including Hurdler of the Year and an EMO All Conference track certificate, which was exciting.
Track is such a fun sport. Today my old track coach reminded me of a funny story about our track program. Sometimes, after track meets, our buses would stop at a fast food restaurant to eat supper. The people working at the restaurant would always get really nervous when a bus pulled in, because they thought that it meant they had to feed about fifty kids. However, when our team got off the bus, they could breathe a sigh of relief because there were only about four kids.

Right now I am substitute teaching. I have two boys in my class right now, and they are discussing their love lives, and how, after you get so close to someone and then break up with them, you just can't be friends with them again. I think it is so funny when high school kids worry about dating, especially now that I am older and hear their discussions while subbing.
"Let me ask you, I gotta know. How was your relationship? Were you open with each other?"
"Oh man, yeah. We were open."

Now I am subbing for junior high kids and they are coming back from lunch. I am feeling the same way I would feel if I heard a tornado coming from a distance. Help.


Sarah said...

Why didn't your track team just travel in a minivan or something?

kisa said...

I always felt bad for McDonald's when we stopped there after meets.

Kathy said...

I think almost any job would be easier than substitute teaching. Thinking about that gives me the shivers as much as snakes.

jules said...

i have to say now that i am working in a semi fast food restaurant, and because we did have a busload of kids come in yesterday i know exactly how those people felt, and i can only hope that for the rest of the summer we will be lucky enough to only get busses like the ones from the van-far track team