Sunday, May 21, 2006


Today Ryan, David, and I went golfing in Vandalia. The day started out perfect for hitting the greens (is this even a saying?) but then it turned sort of windy and cold. Nevertheless, we had a great time. My brother allowed me to golf for approximately 1.2 holes after I tried to hit a ball off the tee, missed it three times, and sent it about five feet along with a clod of dirt. He was afraid I would take too long but I think he failed to recognize my golfing talents. At least I was able to balance the ball on the tee this time (last time I tried golfing this was a slight problem).

My official jobs were to keep score and search for missing balls while he and David played. We laughed a lot at my brother's imitations of bad golfers. As I played my one full hole, they got a good laugh at running over my ball with the golf cart. After I retrieved the ball, they started chasing me with the golf cart and laughing at my running skills. Apparently I am not a good escapee (I did not dart from side to side, but rather kept running in front of the cart).

My total number of strokes equaled about 15, while David had a 70 and Ryan had a 53. I think that means that I won...

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