Saturday, May 06, 2006

Gaffes at the museum

Since arriving in Europe, I have visited a lot of museums and cathedrals. These places are always funny because of the tourists. There are always rules that confuse people, and always funny guards who try to quell the disorder caused by the confusion.

For instance, in St. Vitus's Cathedral in Prague, one is not allowed to take pictures unless one buys a picture pass. The picture pass only costs 20 crowns, which is about $1, but of course, nobody wants to spend their money on the pass. Because of this, there are a lot of people taking illegal pictures. Luckily, the Czech Republic has invested money in paying guards whose job it is to stop these crazy rebels. The poor guards have to run around stopping the tourists who either don't know about the rule or know about the rule, take pictures anyway, and pretend that they don't know about the rule. Another alternative is to be pretty sneaky. When David was here, I took a picture of him in the cathedral:

The secret is not to use a flash and to only take one picture or so. My camera is not an ideal camera for sneaky picture-taking because it makes a "whish-whish" sound whenever I take a picture. While I was in Greece, I got in trouble for this picture:

If you will look at the far right of the picture, you can see the museum worker's finger shaking at me. In my defense, Colleen dared me to pose like this. There weren't that many people in the gallery, so we thought it would make for a funny blog picture. The point of this post is really that I feel sorry for the museum workers. They probably get sick of people wanting to pose like the famous spear-thrower.

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kisa said...

It's a wonder that guard had the nerve to yell at you. You look way too fierce with that spear-chucking pose.