Saturday, April 29, 2006

Weird things about me

David said that I should fill out this survey, which is going around blogs. I can never think of stuff that is weird about me, so I asked him for some inspiration. Some of these are what he said.
Six weird qualities or habits I have:
1. I have a psychological hatred of cheese and butter, but I apparently drink nacho cheese like it's lifegiving water.
2. I tell riveting stories that always end up with, "Just forget it. I'm so bad at telling stories."
3. I have a replica of the night sky on my ceiling made out of packing peanuts.
4. Sometimes David and I joust at a playground in Kirksville. This involves knocking each other off a balance beam.
5. I hate running with people because I think I have a goofy stride.
6. When I was in high school, I painted my own shirts and wore them.


David said...
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kisa said...

I usually enjoy your stories anyway.