Saturday, April 22, 2006

Karlstejn Castle

While David was here, we went to Karlstejn Castle, which is about 45 minutes from Prague by train.

As soon as we got off the train, we noticed this boy:He was gathering snowballs so that he could attack us from across the street! Luckily we were able to thwart his plan by escaping very quickly. Bawahaha.
We also saw this swimming pool in the town. It was the first swimming pool I've seen since I've been in the Czech:
The castle was great. We got an English tour, and our tour guide was funny. In the castle, there was a display of a "dragon's head", which was really the head of a crocodile! Apparently the king claimed that he had killed it.
While we were there, we heard two men who had Midwestern accents speaking on our tour. They were pretty funny because you could tell that they were father and son. After the tour, the son offered to take our picture, and we found out that they were from Ottumwa, Iowa (which is about 40 minutes north of Kirksville). It really is a small world.
Here is a picture of David at the castle:

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