Friday, April 21, 2006

The Czech language

Last week we had our mid-term exam in Czech class. This was good because it forced me to study my Czech a lot, and now I am able to somewhat converse and understand other people's conversations! While I am running, I like to listen to snippets of people's conversations in as I pass them. I try to figure out what they were saying.
Many people in Prague know English really well. They are so funny because after we ask if they know English, they always say, "Yes, but I am not good at speaking the language. I'm so sorry..." Then they proceed to speak almost perfect English. People in Europe seem to know a lot of languages. I have one friend who knows six languages. Isn't that amazing? I sometimes wish that schools in America started teaching foreign languages earlier than high school, so that kids could learn them easier.

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Anonymous said...

You are so right about younger Americans learning other languages.
It would be so much easier for them.
Can't wait to hear about your spring break.