Wednesday, April 26, 2006


While posting about my spring break, I forgot to mention that I also officially went to the Netherlands. While I was in the Amsterdam airport, I somehow went through passport control and got a stamp. This was pretty exciting, because not all of the countries to which I've traveled have given a stamp. This time Colleen and I didn't get the shaft and got extra instead!

Tomorrow I leave Prague for another trip. I'm heading to Greece! I'm really excited because I am a Classics major. In case you were wondering, this does not mean that I study The Classics (as in literature) or even classic cars (haha). Classics is the study of the history and languages of ancient Greece and Rome. Therefore, this trip will be pretty interesting for me.
Again, David is on duty publishing posts for me, and I left one for every day. That means that you can still have your daily fill of Chick in Czech even though this chick is not in the Czech.


kisa said...

Or maybe I will just steal all your posts and put them on my blog!

Kathy said...

Golly, Abbie, I can't believe your exciting life! I'm afraid Kirksville and Farber will never compare to all of the interesting cities you have been visiting, even though you will be able to see Davey and your family.

David's grandma said...

Abbie, We have loved reading your blog and looking at all of your wonderful pictures. You and Colleen are so lucky to have this wonderful opportunity.