Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My new travel buddy, or, some of the many things you learn while traveling with someone

As you all know, David was here last week. We've been dating for over a year now, and have been trying to keep it up while I am studying abroad. He came to visit me over his spring break, and I had a wonderful time showing him around Europe. I think his being here actually reminded me how close we really are. It also taught me several things about him that I didn't know before. During his trip, we were pretty much together every single day, because as soon as we left our hotel/hostel we were touring together.

You are probably wondering if we wanted to kill each other by the end of the trip, but you can put your fears aside. We didn't even run out of conversation until 5:21 on Wednesday night. At that point we were in New Town in Prague, heading to dinner. We were discussing a souvenir for David's niece, and he said something that made no sense. I said something equally incomprehensible in reply and then we both started to babble to ourselves. Then I looked at my clock and we laughed as we marked the time as when we had gotten enough of each other. However, I couldn't just ditch him in Europe, so we went on to dinner.
After that, we started to say the same things at the same time. Here is an example: we were in Rome looking at a fountain at night. I watched as David put his finger into the water and it looked so cool that I said, "Man, water is amazing", and David went nuts because apparently he was opening his mouth to say the exact same thing. Later, we were eating something, and we both said, "do you like this?" at the same time. I think we had spent too much time together.
David is also an interesting travel buddy. I have learned one thing about him: he likes to walk quickly. I knew he was a fast walker from knowing him at Truman, because we sometimes asked him to speed walk for us so we could all have a good laugh. However, when we were looking at stuff in Old Town, he was practically running! I was literally being dragged through the streets of Prague by his hand all day on Wednesday. This speed walking does not allow me to look in any shop windows, which I think is a plan of his so that he doesn't have to buy me stuff.
Here is a picture of his checking his watch:
Here is a picture of my panting after he made me sprint:

On Friday, we had a pretty big almost disaster that tested our relationship. This was the scene just before the ordeal:
While touring the Vatican, I decided to go down a flight of stairs and let David take my picture from above. When he finished, he ran down the steps and said, "ummm". I looked at my camera, and noticed that the lens looked like the leaning tower of Pisa. David had stumbled on his way down the steps and hit the camera on the side of the staircase. Now, I had bought that camera with my own money and tried to take good care of it. When I saw the damage, I just wanted to cry because I didn't want to spend the money getting a new camera, and I knew that David didn't have the money to buy me and new one as well. David knew I was upset and offered me food to make me feel better. As usual, it worked. We decided to just go and eat our snacks that I had packed to de-stress. At this point, we started formulating a plan of how I could get a new camera within the next week, and how I could get the pictures off of my new camera. We were both so sad, which was silly because it was just a camera, but it was a lot of money. Finally David just took the camera and popped the lens back in place. We were both so elated that we had averted disaster. At this point, we noticed that I had not started to yell at him or get really mad. I think he was really glad about that.
This is how excited he was after he got the camera to work again:

On one final note, he likes to quote movies. That means that every time we crossed the Charles Bridge I got to hear "Oh, Ethan!" from Mission: Impossible (which I have not even seen), and when we went to the Colosseum I got to hear entire speeches from Gladiator. I did appreciate his taking my backpack and wearing it all day long so that I didn't have to look like such a goof:
Overall, it was a great visit.
Tomorrow I get more visitors. They are the two mystery people I mentioned before. Here is a hint of their identities: they are pretty close to me, and they are both males.

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