Thursday, December 28, 2006

Engagement pictures

Today David and I got our engagement pictures taken. My friend Amy sent me an e-card about the wedding, which depicts the bride's waking at 5 a.m. and starting to get ready, while the groom gets up at noon, yawns, and steps into his tux. Our day today reminded me of that card. I got up at 6 a.m. to get my hair and makeup done and called David at like 10 a.m. to ask him a question, but he was still asleep. (I'm just kidding--I know it is my fault for getting up so early to get the hair and makeup put on, and it was worth it in the end.) We drove to the city where mom and I got coffees (nice), I bought an outfit to wear during the pictures, got my hair done, and got makeup. Then we went to the photographer's house to get our pictures taken. They turned out really well---I think some of them are really cute. This outing means that we found a photographer for the wedding (hip hip hooray!) and that the engagement pictures are checked off the list of things to do. I will try to post some if possible.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas card

This picture may very well be included in my first ever Christmas card next year:
I think it really captures the essence of our family right now: Abbie and Ryan look very happy and David looks ummm...very squashed.
My Christmas has been absolutely wonderful: this weekend I went on a family fun day (which is actually pretty fun) with my mom's relatives and spent some time at David's house with his family. On Christmas Eve, David came over and we watched White Christmas. My Dad fried oysters and made shrimp, which was a delicious feast. Today I went to my grandparents' house and enjoyed the day there.

This morning I played the piano at the Christmas mass at my church. I also drafted David to cantor, which was very lovely. I think he was a little freaked out at first because he thinks he is a bad singer (mostly because I cover my ears and plead him to stop when he tries to pelt notes along with Dave Matthews CDs), but he did a pretty good job. After the mass, my brother commented, "David sure has some pipes...not bad!" Perhaps we have a future together as a duet with David's singing and my playing the piano.

Monday, December 18, 2006


Here is a video of my brother's jazz band concert tonight! I was so proud of him because he is pretty shy when it comes to performing (except for sports), so getting up there in front of the gymful of people was most likely a pretty big deal for him. (That is him on the keyboard.)

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It was really cute. Good job, Boot!


Right now I am subbing again. Today I am monitoring the In School Suspension students, which basically means that they sit and do work while being quiet all day, and I get to do things like address Christmas cards and read. It is a pretty relaxing day.

I am a little scared for tomorrow, though, because I think that I am subbing for an elementary school teacher. The lowest grade that I have ever subbed for is sixth, so I am hoping that I do not freak out with eighteen little kids in a classroom.

Of course, I am home for winter break. We have three weeks off school, which will be nice. My mom, brother, and I went over our schedules yesterday, and it looks like mine will be pretty jam-packed. My goal is to finish reading three books and run pretty often. David and I have abandoned the habit of running at school, so I want to start again so that I do not get out of shape.

Friday, December 15, 2006


Look at this crazy statistic:

In 1970, 33,000 men and 2,000 women earned professional degrees; in 2004, the numbers were 42,000 men and 41,000 women.

(Source: New York Times)

I can't believe that in only 36 years there has been such a higher number of women who have attained professional degrees. I am so proud of my mom, who has earned up to her specialist's degree in education, and I am also proud that (hopefully) in a few years I will be counted as part of this statistic with a J.D.

Pizza rolls

Well, folks, I am finally finished with my semester. This morning I emailed my Capstone paper to my teacher and about twenty minutes ago I turned in my last final. Right now I am sitting in my room like a hermit, eating pizza rolls and breadsticks that have so little nutrition that I can barely think about it.

Finals week is always amusing to me. First of all, suddenly parents have been showing up on campus. I'll be walking around the cafeteria and--boom--suddenly I will see a tall guy with white hair and proudly wearing a "Dad" sweatshirt. Secondly, students who have recently figured out that they have a million extra meals left on their meal plan keep buying stuff from the SUB. This means that they end up carrying five packs of soda and a case of Frappachino to their car all at once.

Right now I have to begin gathering all of the fifty or so library books that I have checked out this semester so that I do not get charged for late fees. Actually, I think I will take a nap instead. Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Just a little bit longer...

Do not worry, dear readers: I am still here. I am sorry for the lame cat post earlier in the week, but I am almost finished with finals. Then I promise you that I will be ready to blog on a regular basis again. In the last few weeks, I have applied to law schools (keep your fingers crossed that I get accepted) and have been finishing assignments at school. Right now my Capstone paper is consuming most of my time. It is now up to thirty-eight pages. Thirty-eight! I never knew that I could write something so long. Besides that, I still have two papers to write for finals and an actual final on Friday, so I better get back to work.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I love this video

This video has got to be one of my favorites on the internet right now:

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Today has been a day of lots of rest. I slept until 11 a.m. and then took a two hour nap this afternoon. This is perhaps not the best idea for the weekend before finals week, but I think my body was just trying to catch up on sleep that it has lost over the past few weeks.

Last night we played Spades with some friends. I tried to go blind nil, but unfortunately I also forgot some of the rules of the game, so I ended up making me and David lose when we could have totally won.

I better go attempt to study. I hope you are having a good day!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Quick post

I was sad today to hear the news about James Kim. All this week, Julie, David, and I have been following the progress of the search for the missing Kim family. It is so sad for Kati and their babies--really, the entire situation is too sad for words.

On a lighter note, we are all wrapping up our semesters. My night tonight will be pretty busy writing a philosophy paper. It seems that after tomorrow my semester will be more of a breeze---I only have three finals and my Capstone final draft due next week.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Winter wonderland

It snowed a lot last week. My college town was so full of snow that the road graders just piled it up in the intersections to make makeshift cul-de-sacs. I really wanted to run up the mounds of snow and ice, but noting that they were located about two blocks from the police station, and since I did not think it was really allowed, I decided against this plan. I loved the snow because I did not have to drive in it. It has not melted yet, so the entire world looks really pretty.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Today I had my Capstone presentation. I think it went well, which is good. My project was about eclipses and some of my classmates even dressed up to help me demonstrate what occurs during an eclipse:
David, Julie, and I painted these costumes last night. Here is a picture of my entire Capstone class and teacher! I am so excited about our progress and everybody's research. There are four Classics majors are graduating in May out of everybody at Truman. I think I am so lucky to have such support from the people in my major.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My new favorite website

This is my new favorite website:
How cool is this? It is comprised of only cute pictures of cats, bunnies, and fish. What could be better? I'll tell you: nothing.

This week I am really busy preparing for my Capstone presenation, which is on Thursday. Here is my title:
I'm Being Followed by a Moonshadow: How Early Natural Philosophers Utilized Eclipses in their Study of the Universe
Doesn't it sound really cool?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Back to normal

Thanksgiving break was a blast. I had a really relaxing time at home, and I certainly enjoyed my break. These last three weeks of school will prove to be pretty busy, though. I still need to apply for law schools, finish my Capstone paper, and write four other major papers for classes. The good news is that I think I will only have two actual final exams, which is amazingly nice. My majors are great because they generally focus more on papers at the end of the semester rather than big tests. I always end up with about two finals, while my friends frantically study for five. We'll see if it is really that stressful.

David is prepping to take an actuarial exam on Tuesday. This test has been labelled as the most difficult professional examination to pass, so we are crossing our fingers. He has been studying for about six hours a day for the last three weeks or so, so it really seems like he has fallen off the face of the earth. I'm sure everybody will be happy when he is finished, but I think that he also has to wait until January to find out his score, which kind of stinks. Right now we are in the library studying, and he is supposed to be taking a practice test. Instead, I just heard him playing with his cell phone. Maybe we should cross extra fingers.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Made in the 80s

This morning my mom and dad got a bunch of their wedding stuff out from closet. It was great fun: they found old RSVP cards and other little trinkets from their big day. My mom also found her dress:No, you are not at one of those websites called "Wedding dresses from the 80s". I actually tried her dress on today for fun. You can see from the picture that I think this is the perfect dress for me. I also tried on my Grandma Klos's dress, which is very gorgeous but, of course, looked weird on me. Can any wedding dresses look good on me? No, I think that would be too much to ask.

Today we went to my Grandma's house for Thanksgiving, which was great. We got home and my dad made Chex Mix. My mom and I watched "Deal or No Deal". It was a fantastic Thanksgiving. We watched the girls who hold the boxes while wearing bikinis say what they were thankful for on Thanksgiving. At one point a girl could not really think of anything, so she just looked at the camera and said, "ummmm......". Those girls take those jobs in order to get a big break, and that girl definitely blew it.

This year I am thankful for my healthy family and many friends, and also for my better half. we can have people make those jokes about us and say, "Where's your better half?" I'm going to have to come up with a good comeback for that one.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Joseph and Thanksgiving

I am definitely posting this a little late, but last weekend David and I visited our families and saw his little brother, Peter, (or "Peetah" as my mom and I like to call him) perform in his youth group's rendition of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Before the show, we met a bunch of my aunts and uncles at a pizza place in South St. Louis. This was a conversation at the table:
Michael: So David, what play is Peter in?
David: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
Michael: Cool, cool. Does he have a big part?
David: Well, he's Joseph.
Michael: Oh, so he does.
Basically, he was the lead in the play, and he did a really good job. Sometimes going to musicals is a cringefest if nobody can really sing, but this was definitely not one of those instances. Everybody was good at their part and the play was very enjoyable. Peter is featured in the picture above.
One of the best parts of the weekend was that I got to see Emma, David's adorable niece and my soon-to-be-niece:
After that, we came back to Vandalia to see my family, which was a ton of fun. We laughed a lot. Tomorrow I am going to my Grandma's house for a Thanksgiving feast, and I cannot wait! Now that I am home and without a ton of schoolwork, I can hopefully post more often. Have a very happy holiday!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Next semester I am taking three dance classes: Ballet, Irish Set Dance, and Ballroom Dancing. I am SO excited about these classes. My Ballet teacher emailed the class this week with a plan for the semester, and she told us that we need to buy a leotard!! I am so excited about this, since I have not owned a leotard since about first grade. By the end of the semester, I will look like the girl on the left.

When I took dance as a little girl, the dance teachers came to our elementary school to teach classes in the cafeteria. Therefore, after school, I had to put on my leotard, and every single time I put it on backwards. "Go back to the bathroom," my teachers used to say, "it is backwards again!!"

Another fond dancing memory that I have is from the actual performance one year--we were dancing to a song from Sesame Street and during the recital a person dressed as Big Bird suddenly appeared on the stage. We were all so excited to see Big Bird (we were probably in kindergarten) that we stopped dancing. That was pretty funny.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


This weekend has been pretty busy: I had three papers due today, which totalled almost 40 pages of writing about eclipses in the ancient world, the Celtic influence on the English language, and Plato's Five Dialogues. It was crazy, but I turned them all in today, so now I have time to blog.

This weekend I tried to take creative pictures with my camera. This is the best one. It is the inside of my water bottle. Perhaps I need to practice some more with the camera. I just realized how bad this post is getting.

David and I went to see the Borat movie this weekend. It was hilarious--we laughed throughout the entire thing. It was sad to see how racist, prejudiced, and crazy some people in America are today. However, Borat's lovable character and the kindness of some of the Americans made up for that. We loved the movie.

Here is a funny clip that was not in the movie:

Friday, November 10, 2006

two years ago

This week, my friend Matt found this picture he took of David and me when we went on a trip to Texas with a big group of friends almost two years ago. I love this picture. We were not even dating when it was taken.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Probably the only post in which I will mention politics

As a rule, I try not to mention politics on my blog, mostly because I do not wish to identify myself with one political party or group, but in the light of the recent elections, I find myself so excited about politics that I think I want to write about the subject.

Of course you all know that McCaskill won against Talent in the Missouri election on Tuesday. One of my friends says they are in a conspiracy because of their last names: McCaSKILL and TALENT, "Is this a fluke? I don't think so...they are really the same person!" he exclaims. This election was extremely close, and was a huge victory for the Democrats of Missouri. All of my friends say that I am a huge Democrat, but this is because most of my friends are extremely right-wing conservatives; I think I am more of a moderate.

Actually, I take the Democrat win with a grain of salt. This really has nothing to do with my party, but because the taking of the Senate by the Democrats could mean less money for Missouri. Senator Kit Bond, the other Senator from Missouri, is a senior Republican Senator. When the Republicans controlled the Senate, he was on many important committees, including Appropriations, the Committee on Environment and Public Works, the Select Committee on Intelligence, and the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Specifically, his role in the Appropriations committee meant more money for Missouri. Now that the Democrats control the Senate, he may stand to lose his positions in these important committees, and thus Missouri might lose its strong voice in the Senate.

I am also a little disturbed because the Missouri Senate election was a perfect example of why our voting system should be re-examined. According to the Missouri SoS's website, Talent got 47.4% of the votes and McCaskill received 49.4%. However, a third party Libertarian, Frank Gilmour, got 2.3% of the votes. According to the Libertarian Party's website, they target swing voters, or Republicans who are "frustrated with (their) elected officials and party leadership". If Missouri had used the Instant Runoff Voting system, a system in which voters rank candidates rather than just pick one, the votes for Frank probably would have ultimately gone to Jim Talent, and Talent would have had a chance of winning the general election.

Instant Runoff voting, as I said before, is a system in which voters rank candidates rather than choosing just one. At first, the ballots are tallied just like now, with each number one ranking serving as a vote for its candidate. When the ballots are counted, the candidate with the least amount of votes is then dropped out of the race, and the ballots that ranked him or her first are then recounted, only using the second ranked candidate on the ballot. The process continues until there is a winner.

Say, for example, that me, David, Julie, and Josh all ran for student body president. The votes were distributed as follows:

David 5
Julie 10
Abbie 2
Josh 11

In our current voting system, Josh wins. However, under the Instant Runoff Voting system, I would drop out of the race, and the people who voted for me would then have a vote cast for their second-place picks. Let's say they were for David and Julie (because my political beliefs were similar to theirs). So now the vote distribution looks like this:

David 6
Julie 11
Josh 11

Oh no...Josh is sweating, because now Julie is tied with him. Do you see the good part of this system? Just because two people wanted to vote for me does not make their other preferences unheard.
Now let's drop David out of the race. Five of his votes also went to Julie (because they had similar political beliefs), and one went to Josh:

Julie 16
Josh 12

So now Julie won the election, and the votes that were originally cast for me and David are still counted in the final count. Basically, it means that the people who votes for me said to themselves, "Man, I like Abbie the best, but I like David second-best, and Julie third." So then Julie wins.

My point is that on Tuesday, the votes for the libertarian candidate could have gone to the Republicans, and our current voting system might have cost them control of the Senate. This is somewhat ironic because it is mostly Democrats who support Instant Runoff Voting, because they generally have more spoiler candidates.

Right now I am working on a committee to implement this system at my college. I'm so excited about it!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Well, wedding dress shopping went...interestingly. My problem is that I do not want a strapless dress, so I am left with about two dresses in each shop from which I can choose (every single wedding dress is strapless, it seems). I tried on nine dresses in three hours and found nothing. This is going to be a long process.

In other news, yesterday my roommate Julie was microwaving a plastic mug and it melted in microwave. Gah! There was apparently a small flame but she blew the fire out pretty quickly. Now our microwave looks like this:

Today was so gorgeous outside. David and I went on a run this afternoon and the leaves, fresh air, and blue skies were beautiful. This weekend was much gloomier. Here is a picture from Sunday:Tonight I do not have much to do. It is so nice to be able to relax!

Friday, November 03, 2006


Being engaged is pretty fun. First of all, whenever we tell people we are engaged, everybody gets this really huge grin on their faces. Secondly, we get to plan a wedding. Wedding planning is so much fun that I am almost forgetting to apply for law school. Who wants to think about a personal statement (which is currently the bane of my existence) when she could be thinking about wedding stuff? Our priest gave us a book that includes different readings and gospels that can be read at our wedding. Reading this book is pretty fun. Sometimes we recite them out loud to see which we like the best. Sometimes we waste a lot of time.

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to Columbia to see my family. Hopefully, with a little bit of begging in the form of puppy faces I can convince David to ditch me so that my mom and I can go dress shopping. If you have ever been dress shopping, you know it is a nerve-wracking experience. I went with two of my friends and was glad I brought a tag-team. One practically needs troops to control the huge dresses. It took us a long time to figure out that one dress actually was supposed to be laced, another ten minutes to figure out how to unlace the thing, and another ten minutes to squish my body into the tiny dress. (After trying on dresses, I have pretty much resolved myself to the fact that I am not going to breathe on my big day.)

David's only request is that he can carry a cane or a sword during the wedding. I think (hope) he is joking.

Even though planning is a ton of fun, I still am most excited about being married to David. It will be nice to live with him, and do things like cook supper together. We keep saying, "Only eight months and we will be married!!"

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


It seems like I took a little break from blogging for the last week. This is perhaps because I was trying to finish a 450-page book in two days. Brit Lit class can be a killer if one decides to put off the reading until two days before the test. This would normally not bother me at all except that the book I was reading was not really my type. (I like how I refer to books as "not my type", as if it would hurt their feelings if I did not approve of them.)

The story was about a clergyman and a young heiress who went to Australia and gambled a lot. They decided to call it quits on the gambling and build a glass church in the Australian outback instead. That's about it. I think the real reason I did not really enjoy the book is because I have a sort of aversion to Australia. For some reason, I do not really have any desire to visit Australia. I do not like reading about Australia. I do not understand why everybody gets so excited about Australia. Maybe it just isn't my type.

In my Latin class, we are reading a comedic play called "Miles Gloriosus", or "The Bragging Captain". This book was written by an early Roman author, Plautus. This Plautus guy thought he was pretty funny. Here is a synopsis of what we have read so far:
1. A warrior kidnaps a girl from Athens. (note: This play is set in Greece even though it is Roman--the Romans often copied their plays from earlier Greek plays.)
2. This chick's boyfriend goes to rescue her.
3. Instead, he lodges next door to the warrior's house. A slave digs a hole through walls in the house and the girl sneaks over to the boyfriend's house to kiss him.
4. Another of the warrior's slaves follows a monkey onto the neighboring roof and sees the girl kissing her boyfriend through the skylight.
5. For the last 40 or so pages, the first slave has been attempting to convince the second slave not to tell the warrior.

These books are crazy.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Yea for the Cardinals!!!!!

I am so excited that I saw the Cardinals win the World Series. St. Louis rocks!
Before you ask, I did watch the game. And no, I did not read a book. I leave you with a picture of Cardinals nacho cheese, just for fun.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Tonight I went to Phi Sigma Pi's (a fraternity with which I am involved) fun night. It was really fun: as I have gotten older, I have stopped going as often because of my busy schedule. However, I had a lot of fun tonight talking with people in my fraternity.

Anyway, we played this game where envelopes are passed around the room with categories written on the front. As the envelope passes by you, you are supposed to place a vote for a person who fits the category in the envelope and pass it on to the next person. For example, one of the categories was "Best Dancer". My friend Amy won that because she is a good dancer.

Here are the categories I won:
Best Dressed
Most Intelligent
The person with whom I wish I could trade lives

Here is the category David won:
Most likely to be a desperate housewife

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Modern Art

Recently I have been lucky enough to receive some extremely high-quality art from two of my favorite artists: Claire (my roommate Julie's sister) and Emma (David's niece). Both are growing into spectacular artists (I know this because I have taken 3.5 years of art classes). Their use of different mediums, ranging from water paint to crayons and to the sheer simplicity of light marker strokes, really conveys their artistic message to the viewer. Please let me present you with Claire's work:
Note how she utilizes water paint in a most creative way, allowing some of the colors to bleed out of the lines while keeping the original dot pattern in a form similar to the 1960s pop art movement (and with a particular nod to Lichtenstein):

Emma focuses more on color magnitude with her work:
Note the eye-popping use of orange and purple, with a hint of green in the upper corner. Her simplicity is also reminiscent of the pop-art movement of the 1960s, when the impact of color was used by itself to convey meaning to the viewer.

Finally, Emma's final work has just a hint of marker color:

I think she is just trying to tell me that my wedding color should be blue.
These young girl artists are certainly headed for RISD.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


About two weeks ago, David and I got engaged. Because of this, the last few days have been a blur: telling everybody is so much fun. We appreciate all of the warm wishes that everybody has sent our way. It is wonderful to know that we have so many great friends.

Everybody wants to know how he popped the question. One night he had to work at Domino’s pizza and I was in my room doing homework with my roommate, Julie. Throughout the night, he kept calling me and asking if we could run together. The weather was pretty cold and wet, so I did not really want to go for the run, but I kept telling him I would go anyway.

A few hours later, he came to my apartment to pick me up. I tried to procrastinate as much as I could in hopes that he would give up the running idea, but he was so persistent that I ended up going anyway. "Let's make this a short run," I requested. "Fine," he replied.

We started to run to the football field on Truman's campus. All of a sudden, David started running on the field and up to the goalpost. I had no clue what he was doing, but I followed him anyway, and I noticed a note attached to the post. It said, "I like when we run together and do triathlons together." At this moment, I knew what was happening. We kept running all around Kirksville and finding these notes hidden everywhere that had reasons explaining why he likes me. At one point, we even stopped in the local ice cream shop, where David said, "Hey, do you guys have any free ice cream?" and the girl workers pulled out my favorite ice cream treat out of the freezer with huge grins on their faces. Later, I found out that they knew about his plan.

Finally, we ended up at a park where we used to swing together during the summer. He asked me there and I nodded. It was weird at first to be engaged, because it seemed that not much had changed (I had known for a while that I wanted to marry David). However, last weekend we went home and told our families. Now it is so fun planning the wedding and telling everybody. I feel like it is almost a dream.

I feel like the luckiest person in the world--I know I have found my true love and I am so very happy. We have been dating for almost two years, and I am sure that if you have been a longtime reader of my blog or if you have just heard me talk about him, you probably know how much I love David and enjoy his company. I will be sure to keep everybody updated on the status of the wedding planning, and will post more funny stories about how people reacted to our news sometime soon!

To read David's version of the story, click here!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

Final Standings

Apparently David and I got 50 points in the hot dog cook-off on Monday! Somehow, that hot dog won some sort of prize.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Evolution of Beauty

This video shows how our perception of beauty derives from fake and manipulated images. I love how the computer elongates her neck to make her look skinnier. This makes me slightly sick.

Monday, October 16, 2006


Tonight David and I participated in a Truman homecoming event: the hot dog cook-off. At first we thought this hot dog cook-off would involve going to the location and cooking a provided hot dog. However, today we learned that we were supposed to prepare a hot dog and bring it to the event. Our poor homecoming coordinator brought us some supplies so that we could make the hot dog at the last minute.

For the event, we needed to make one hot dog for presentation and one for taste. Apparently we misunderstood the directions. David made a hot dog for taste out of cheese and relish, but I had trouble with the presentation part. At first, I tried to make a dog sculpture out of the hot dog and tore the entire hot dog into little pieces:
I quickly realized that I could not make a dog out of these pieces and so we had a torn-up hot dog and fifteen minutes left. In a panic, I added a flower that David had given me and smashed some hot dog pieces into the petals:

Finally I gave up and David took over, making a little man out of the pieces:We walked to the contest location and noticed that everybody else had made two hot dogs and just cut one up for the taste part and made an extra tidy version of their taste hot dog for the presentation. Some added parsley on the plates. Nobody else had anything remotely like a hot dog man. Our only hope is that our team won with creative points.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Tonight we had our Funds Allotment Council retreat. It was great-- we went to a local restaurant and were able to spend $25 each, which meant we practically got to order the entire menu. I got a salad, soup, fried mushrooms, and Thai chicken with noodles. It was a feast, and luckily I got to bring some home for a snack later. The best part is that it was all free: the meal was paid for out of our semester budget.

Our radiator in our room keeps making a very weird noise. It sounds like a stomach full of water sloshing around. It keeps scaring us a little.

This weekend I will go home for mid-term break. Hopefully my break will involve a lot of relaxing. I plan to see my parents, eat at my grandparents' house, and play Scrabble with Cindy. It promises to be a good weekend.

Monday, October 09, 2006


I gave David a haircut yesterday. It was so funny; he had to spray WD-40 on the trimmers, so it was sitting outside, he was sitting on a kitchen chair with no shirt, and his hair looked like the picture below as the neighbor's parents drove up for family day. I think he probably made a good impression.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

bike ride

Today David and I went on a bike ride and enjoyed the beautiful autumn weather.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

You are pretty

A few weeks ago I turned in an etymology study paper for my History of the English Language class. We got them back on Tuesday, so I three hole-punched it and put it in my binder of papers that I am using in my Senior Seminar class to make a portfolio.

Today, I started flipping through my old papers, trying to find one appropriate for an assignment. As I turned the pages of my etymology study, I found this:
I yelped. David had written this note on a piece of "scrap paper" that was actually an appendix for my etymology paper. I had turned it in with this note on the back, and apparently my professor saw it and commented in the green ink. My Senior Seminar class had a pretty good laugh about this. Ironically, we were discussing how we should always present professional-looking papers for classes or for review.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

No worries

Nobody should worry about me: my stomach aches were gone today!
I rewarded my stomach by eating Pop-Tarts for a snack. When I bought them in the SUB, David scoffed at them saying, "I wouldn't buy those if I had the money. They are so bad for you and they are so fattening and..." He kind of kept rambling but I normally eat a very healthy diet so I figured that one Pop-Tart transgression would not hurt anything. This afternoon, after my snack, I offered David the other Pop-Tart in the pack and his eyes got excited and he said, "SURE! I will eat that Pop-Tart! Pop-Tarts are yummy!"

The moral of the story is that David secretly loves Pop-Tarts.

I am excited about tomorrow because I am attending a workshop about how to write a personal statement. This may sound very unexciting, but since I am applying to grad school and I also have no clue how to write a personal statement, attending a workshop that guarantees a rough draft by the end of two hours sounds pretty darn great.

Monday, October 02, 2006

My tum-tum

My LSAT went pretty well, and this weekend I did a good job of relaxing after it was finished. Today, however, my tummy has been hurting a little all day long. I think it is just because I ate a hamburger from the cafeteria yesterday (I always seem to get a little sick after eating those). David wrote about an experiment I tried tonight in this post on his blog:

Just now, Abbie decided to perform some diagnostic work to determine her illness. She started clearing her throat a bunch, and then began gagging. But instead of turning her head slightly to aim for the trash can, she just stuck her hand in front of her mouth. After a little dribble of saliva and stomach acid comes up, she just shrugs and wipes her hand on her jeans. I suppose this is normal behavior if one "just wanted to see if I could puke up some blood."

Friday, September 29, 2006


Tomorrow is my LSAT. Tonight I plan to go to bed at 10:00 and wake up early enough to study a little. At this point, I do not really care what I get on the test as long as it is over! It will be such a relief to have it off my chest.

I think that I told a lot of people that I am taking the test tomorrow because everybody I saw today said, "Good luck tomorrow, Abbie!!!" My friend Tyler even sent me this link for encouragement, which is hilarious. I plan to watch it tomorrow before the big test!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Right now I am in the library scanning pictures for the professor for whom I work. They are all of pretty houses in Louisiana, which is a town really near where I live.

Yesterday David and I went to the Student Union building to get a snack. I wanted some spinach and sun-dried tomato soup, so we stood in front of the menu wondering which package would be the best deal. A foam take-home cup cost 99 cents, but a bread bowl cost $1.75. David kept saying, "Get the bread bowl! I love bread bowls!" so I decided to go with the bread and spooned it out for myself. David had ordered a fish sandwich, which took forever to make, so for the entire eight-ten minutes we waited, my bowl slowly got soaked with the soup. As we were leaving, I put the bread bowl full of runny soup into a to-go cardboard cup that David got from the sandwich shop. Of course, as we started walking out of the SUB, the bread broke, and like a volcano, the soup came running out of the sides and top. I held my snack away from me to avoid getting hit by the hot juice but it did not work very well. By this time, we were practically running across campus before the entire thing spilled on me. David kept yelling, "Eat the soup!! Eat the soup!!" and I kept trying to sip some of it without spilling it onto my pants. By the time we got back to my apartment, my arm was soaked with spinach soup and we had a disaster. Colleen and Julie kept laughing at me.

The moral of the story is to never get a bread bowl from the SUB, or maybe just never listen to David when he offers a suggestion for a snack.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Today I went to a reception at President Dixon's house (she is the president of the University). My scholarship has lots of perks, one of which is a party at the University residence every fall. This is one of my college culinary highlights because there is amazing food at this thing. They have chocolate covered strawberries, these chicken stick things, fresh salsa, and homemade punch. They treat us pretty well.

This year was the first time that I did not go in that reception feeling like a doof. Usually I do not really know many of the faculty members or my fellow scholarship holders, but this year I knew a ton of people! My Calculus teacher from my first semester during my freshman year came up to me and said, "Hey Abbie, how are you doing?" How did he really remember my name?

As I was writing that last sentence, I remembered that I had a nametag on the entire time. Maybe that is how he "remembered"--he could read. I did not see him glance at my nametag, though. Oh well, I am going to keep thinking that he remembered my name on his own. I guess that, at any rate, it is still cool that he remembered my face.

I got to tell some freshmen that I went to the Czech Republic this past semester. Our scholarship includes money to study abroad, so they will all get to go somewhere, and they eagerly listened to all of my travel tips. I am thinking about making a television show of my travel tips, like Rachael Ray. One time I acted it out in front of David while he acted like he was a cameraman. It did not go very well.

Anyway, the reception was fun today.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Yesterday I had to get up really, really early (8:00 a.m.) to give a tour at Truman. I am a Student Ambassador, which means I am a tour guide for prospective students and their families. This is a pretty interesting job, because it is a time when I can be extremely corny and goofy and everybody thinks it is funny. For instance, yesterday a dad asked about the clubs I joined while at Truman and I replied, "Well, during my first semester here, I was a member of the NRA...the National Reading Association!" All of the parents get a really worried look at first, which is eventually replaced by a look of relief.

I always say something really goofy on the tours. Yesterday I said that I wanted a co-ed dorm my freshman year so that I could meet boys. One day I said that cafeterias were the most important thing to a college student, and another time I said that there are no rules in the dorms (the mother almost fainted during that tour). After my tours, I always walk away thinking, "Why did I say that?" Even though I sometimes make a fool out of myself, I think giving tours is pretty fun.

Friday, September 22, 2006

New shoes

The trip to Payless last night was very fruitful for me and not so fruitful for David (the store did not carry any dancing shoes for men). I got these amazing shoes that were on sale. Aren't they pretty and shiny? David does not like them because they make me two inches taller than him.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The T-Mug

Truman provides its students with a mug called the T-Mug. It is supposed to be used to take drinks out of the cafeteria. However, my friends and I use it to take out food for an extra snack. Once we got pizza out in the mug. After that, we were more ambitious and took out an entire meal stacked in the mug.

A few minutes ago, I had a T-Mug disaster. I decided to make and take out a milkshake because they had Spumoni ice cream. Spumoni is my favorite ice cream in the cafeteria, so I began scooping it into my bowl and then put some milk in my mug so I could mix the shake. Finally, I tried adding the ice cream to the milk, but this caused a disaster because the milk started to spill out of the top. It got all over my ID and room key. David and Julie tried to help clean it with napkins but we were all laughing too hard. At this point, the managers of the cafeteria started to mill around our table and we had to hide the entire thing in order not to get caught. Ten napkins later, the mess was cleaned and I still had my shake, luckily.

Tonight David and I are going to Wal-Mart and to Payless Shoes so that he can look for ballet flats. He told Colleen, my old roommate, that he was going to draw a skull and crossbones on them so that he would not look like such a huge doof.

He and Julie joined a new accounting fraternity, and tonight was their first meeting. I took some pictures of David tying his tie and they turned out pretty cool.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Last night at open swim

"Hey Josh, do you want to do a doggy-paddle race with us?"

"No, I'd like to try to keep my dignity. I already have purple goggles."

Does this post really have a point?

These last few weeks have been pretty busy for me, and the next one week and four days promise to be busy as well. On September 30, I will take the LSAT. It is so weird to be actually studying for the exam. Right now I am not stressing out too much over the ordeal. However, it means that I do not have much extra time because I take one or two practice sections per day.

I just noticed that I possess a pen that opens up and has post-its inside of its body. That is so weird but also pretty cool.

This picture was taken this weekend before an event for PSP. Our friend Josh moved at the last second, so it turned out blurry, but I think it looks cool anyway.

Friday, September 15, 2006


David and I are greatly enjoying our Irish dancing class, even though we are not pros yet. This week I learned that I have been doing the steps incorrectly the entire time, but I learned how to do them correctly last night. Dancing may just be my new favorite hobby. Next semester, I plan to take Elementary Ballet and Irish Step. I wish I would have figured out that Truman offers dance classes much earlier than this year so I could have enjoyed them longer.

I ordered dancing shoes online and these are what came:Hello? The elastic straps were not even attached. Apparently the dancing company does not sew the straps, which left me sewing a few afternoons ago. I am a horrible sewer, so right now I am really just praying that they do not come undone during a skills test or something.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Finally, some pictures!!

I have finally managed to get Blogger to post my triathlon pictures. Here is a picture of David running:Here we are approaching the finish line:
This is the finish line:

Finally, here we are after the race. At this point, my stomach and leg muscles were actually shaking, but luckily, I feel completely better today. There is no more pain in my legs! Tonight I plan to attend Truman's open swim just because it is fun exercise.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Grrr...blogger is not letting me load pictures right now, but when it does, I will certainly post some of the great triathlon. David and I both completed the race and it was very exciting. The swimming part was definitely the most challenging for me, since we had trained for it about two times. David very kindly waited for me so that I did not have to swim alone, which was a lifesaver because I probably would not have pushed myself as much as I did had he not been there. As it was, it took me about 40 minutes to complete the swimming portion, and I was the last person out of the water. Some of our friends happened to be life guarding the event in canoes, so they kept cheering us on throughout the course.
After that, however, we went on to the biking and did pretty well. The problem was that by that time we were so far behind everybody else that we could not catch up with anyone to pass them. However, during the running portion, we did catch and pass two men, ages 70+, who were walking the course.
Our friends came and cheered us on at the finish line, which was very fun. After the race we got massages, free chicken, and medals! I will post pictures as soon as blogger lets me do so. I am so excited that I completed the triathlon and decided that it is probably one of the biggest challenges I have ever faced in my life. After doing the swimming, my legs felt like jelly, but I kept pushing myself (with cheering from David) and finished. David is already planning for our next triathlon, but I am planning for the good night's rest I hope to get tonight.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Please meet the swimmers

David and I are gearing up for our triathlon on Sunday. As you can see from the picture on the left, taken by the beautiful photographer Julie, we are pretty serious swimmers. Our main problem right now is our attire during the race. My swimsuit is certainly not made for racing, and David does not have any speedo-type swimming trunks (nor does he want to purchase any), so we will pretty much look like amateurs when we arrive for the swimming event on Sunday. My plan is to look really mean and serious before the race so that people will take me seriously--or maybe just to seem as intimidating as I can while wearing a pink swimsuit that is about two sizes too big. (I am wearing that, by the way, because it my swimsuit that covers me the most.)

Tonight we swam for practice and I am a little worried because David is so much faster than me. For some reason, I am a great kicker and can beat David at any time while using a kickboard. However, whenever we add arms, he beats me. It is so frustrating!

I am certainly enjoying this carbo-loading business that goes with the triathlon. Tomorrow and Saturday we are supposed to eat a ton of food so we have energy on Sunday. Yeaaa!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A new website to visit

My mom has a website that you should visit! We worked on the wording this Monday. She is committed to education.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I am having a problem coming up with a topic for my Capstone project here at Truman. My Capstone is like a senior thesis. Currently, I am considering focusing on the classical perception of the moon. Does anybody have any ideas for topics on which I can focus?!?!?!

David just choked me by giving me "a massage" as I was typing. Tonight we swam for about an hour. We have to swim 3/4 of a mile for the triathlon on Sunday. This week is pretty busy with training, homework, and rush season for our fraternity starting. Still, I love college life and wish it did not have to end.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Happy Labor Day

This weekend I have been the queen of doing nothing. On Friday night, David and I went to see Ryan's football game. We had a lot of fun and even showed our Irish dancing skills to my cousins who have been Irish dancing for a million years. They started laughing really hard when we tried to show them the Waves of Torrey (a dance we learned in class). My cousin Colleen finally sputtered that she had never seen the dance that we were dancing, but that we did a good job anyway. My cousin Patrick was also laughing pretty hard. Defeated, David and I resolved to work on our moves for another time.

Today I slept late, took a nap, and basically did nothing. We just finished watching Napoleon Dynamite and are starting Moulin Rouge. David is skipping all over the place in delight because it is his favorite movie. Have a relaxing Labor Day!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


This fall is especially funny because I enjoy watching the freshmen at my school. This year they seem funnier because I am a senior and think I know everything.
The freshmen create lines in the cafeteria incorrectly. They are extremely inefficient when putting their trays away. They do not understand how to sneak food out of the cafeteria and so they inevitably get caught. They are also all skinny. Very, very skinny. We laugh because pretty soon they will gain weight from the scrumptious cafeteria food just like all of us.
The freshmen are also naively bold. Last weekend David and I were eating in the cafeteria and suddenly three freshmen sat down at our table when there were empty tables all around us. "Can we join you?" they asked. After about three weeks at a university, one knows not to just sit at another person's table unless all the tables in the cafeteria are full. However, these guys had only been at college for a week. "We're going to Thousand Island State Park today," they said (the state park is call Thousand Hills State Park). We laughed at the thought that their excursion might include some salad dressing. The boys were eating with goofy table manners and sloshing salad dressing everywhere. They were overwhelmed by the huge selection of cafeteria food.
Even though these freshmen are supposed to be dorky, I have grown to appreciate them. I wish that I had the nerve to sit at somebody else's table in the cafeteria if I were alone. Instead, I usually bring a book because I feel like I would be bothering others. Some people I know are so terrified of eating alone that they will just not eat if the situation arises. These guys had the guts to sit at our table, start a conversation, and make fools of themselves. We enjoyed their company. In about a month, they will know not to sit at a table with new people, and that makes me sad.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First week of classes

This week is my first week of classes. Today I had Irish Celli Dance, and am very excited about that class now. David is taking it with me and we are learning how to dance traditionally to Irish music. It was really funny because I have serious problems following an instructor during any exercise class (like aerobics). My steps were completely off, but I think I had improved a lot by the end of the class.
Have I mentioned that we have a bathtub in my new apartment? It is so wonderful because I prefer taking baths instead of showers.
I have homework to do tonight, so I better to back to studying. Ciao!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Playing Scrabble

Tonight David and I checked Scrabble out from the dorm and played for a while. Playing with David is not very fair because he accepts his so-called slang terms such as "yo" but gets mad at me when I try to add on the word and make "rentyo", meaning "This looks like a good movie to rent, dude." He claims that he has never heard of "rentyo". What constitutes a slang term? Isn't it just a word that someone on the street makes up and starts to use? From now on, I am using the word "rentyo" in everyday conversation.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Senior Year

Since I am about to start my senior year of college, I thought it would be appropriate to revisit some old photographs from my freshman year.

I had a great freshman year of college. My floor was a lot of fun and my friends were all great.
When we were freshman, we used to play Trivial Pursuit all the time for fun. I had forgotten how much fun it is to play that game. Now my friends and I hardly ever play.
Sometimes the game got pretty competitive. Here is a picture of me with my freshman roommates, Julie and Colleen, after buying new couches for our dorm room. We had lots of room and we bought them really cheaply from a girl who was graduating:Here is another picture of us girls jumping off a bench at school. That afternoon, we decided to take a lot of pictures of ourselves around campus and my friend Amy was the photographer. I am still very good friends with my freshman roommates. In fact, tomorrow I am moving back in with Julie.
This picture is from Labor Day weekend of my freshman year. A lot of people went home that weekend, but I stayed and made some really fun friends. We went to Wal-Mart for fun one Friday night and took our picture with this huge piece of chocolate:During the second semester of my freshman year, I met David. Here is a picture of him around the time we met:Haha. Finally, to top off the ton of fun we had doing really random stuff around the dorm and Kirksville, here is a video of my holding Kermit the Frog and making him dance to "Caribbean Amphibian". We did some wild and crazy things freshman year. Haha.

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