Thursday, December 15, 2005

An Ode to the things I just can't throw away

Whenever I move out of my room, I always find items that are seriously baffling. Why did I pack these things in the first place? Why did I allow them to use space in this very small dorm room? And even better, why am I packing them to go home?

This shoe cannot be worn unless the sun is shining and there is no water on the paths outside. A teardrop could seep through its sole.

These are Christmas lights and shamrock decorations. They have been sitting in this very pile all semester.

Instead of walking to the library to return these books and CD, I just keep renewing them online. I don't feel bad because I doubt that anybody was waiting on the edge of their seat for Plato's Timaeus as a Cultural Icon.

This is an interesting item. I have not seen it unrolled for about a year.

Ah! I remember now. I painted this in high school.

I started using these Whitestrips two summers ago and still have exactly two left. I better save the 50x50 foot box just in case I forget that I have them.

The next item was one of my parents' wedding presents. This is possibly the best of all:

Why?! I guess thought I would make smoothies with the one piece of fruit they let us take out of the cafeteria.


kisa said...

I like this update quite a bit. I especially enjoyed the sections devoted to the shoe, the decorations, and the Crest White Strips. You are quite a riveting writer.

Sarah said...

I think I have that same shoe! Not to mention two others exactly like it in different colors. I got them in a co-op and haven't ever worn them. Your post reminded me that I have them so maybe I will wear a pair tomorrow.

jules said...

i love this post! it is without a doubt the best description of you and your personality i have ever seen....i miss you and your random crap already!!!!!