Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm moving out

Today my Student Advisor knocked on my dorm door and told my roommate that I needed to sign up for a check-out time. Checking out is such a pain, mostly because I never pack until the very last minute. Last semester I had an assembly line of people putting things in boxes, and then David helped me carry my things to my car for over two hours.

I'm not getting a very big head start this semester.

Jules just checked out the vacuum cleaner. This thing was a monster.
warning button kept lighting, so we had to keep turning the thing on and off to get it to work. When we turned it off for good, it made a noise like a sick spaceship and finally died.


jules said...

haha, i'm glad i'm not going to be here to help you this semester! ;)

kisa said...

You're on your own this time

Jared said...

Abbie, your blog is hilarious! We should have taken pictures of all the old crap we found in the rush boxes.